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Acoustic Signature Tango Apex Neo

Acoustic Signature Tango Apex Neo

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Balanced phono preamp

The new Tango Apex NEO ist a balan­ced phono preamp with a strictly double mono cons­truc­tion. The preamp is desig­ned with an extra housing per channel, a dedi­cated Power supply per channel and a phono amp per channel. All features of the Tango Apex NEO are remote con­trolled.

- 3 inputs: 1 x balan­ced XLR and 2 x unba­lan­ced RCA

- All signal switching is carried out with ultra high-quality miniature signal relays

- Adjustable gain for each input (indivi­dually adjus­table): 40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB and 70 dB

- Input impe­dance indivi­dually adjus­table for each input: 47 , 100  , 220  , 470  , 1 k , 47 k  and all values resulting from parallel connection.

- Input capa­citance: basic capa­citance approx. <=100  pF, switch­able capaci­tances for unba­lanced inputs: 100 pF and 220 pF; Two capaci­tances can be switched on, resul­ting in three values (C1, C2, C1+C2)

- Subsonic filter: -24 dB. Ope­rating frequency 20 Hz

- 2 outputs: 1 x XLR and 1 x RCA, maxi­mum output voltage 8.5 V RMS switch­able as fixed output or as adjus­table output (volume control in 100 steps)

- Built-in head­phone amplifier: maxi­mum output voltage 8.5 V RMS

- Power supply unit: separate shunt power supply with 25 VA per channel and one sepa­rate power supply with 25 VA for the micro­pro­cessor control. Digital control galva­nically isola­ted from the analog power supply.

- S/N: e.g. -73 dB at 60 dB ampli­fication

- Frequency response: +-0.13 dB RIAA equa­lized

- Distortion factor: 0.06 %

- Crosstalk attenua­tion: better -90 dB due to double mono design

- Weight: 34 kg 75 Lbs