Aerosmith "Pump" 180 Gram Vinyl

Aerosmith "Pump" 180 Gram Vinyl

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LP pressing of Pump from the classic rock band, Aerosmith. Pump is the tenth studio album by Aerosmith, released on September 12, 1989.

Pump incorporates the use of keyboards and a horn section on many of the singles ( "Love in an Elevator", "The Other Side" ) ,& contains straightforward rockers ( "F.I.N.E.", "Young Lust" ), the ballad "What It Takes", songs about issues such as incest and murder ( "Janie's Got a Gun" ) and drug and alcohol abuse ( "Monkey on My Back" ), [ 4 ] as well as a variety of instrumental interludes such as "Hoodoo" and "Dulcimer Stomp."


Side One

1 Young Lust
2 F.I.N.E
3 Going Down/ Love in An Elevator
4 Monkey on My Back
5 Water Song/Janie's Got a Gun

Side Two

1 Dulcimer Stomp/ the Other Side
2 My Girl
3 Don't Get Mad, Get Even
4 Hoodoo/ Voodoo Medicine Man
5 What It Takes/Hidden Instrumental