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There’s more to Music On vinyl than you might think… Yes, we’re a collective of Music Lovers, Vinyl Diggers and Collectors but there’s so much more!

Music On Vinyl is part of the famous Artone Group and this is great for a vinyl lover like yourself. Our company is based in Haarlem, a city just outside of Amsterdam, so we are located near one of Europe’s cultural hubs. But wait, there’s another reason!

Record Industry

The audiophiles know it, Record Industry is Europes leading pressing plant for vinyl and also a part of the Artone Group! So, they’re more then friends: they’re family!

We work together to bring the music to you but we work together to deliver the best possible product there is! So every Music On Vinyl production, is a product of the highest quality.

Artone Studio

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk! Being part of Artone means we have a state-of-the-ART(one) studio next to us! We talk with artists and their wishes for the best possible record and we’re there once it’s time for recording.

This means we’re a part of each step in the process to making the best records in the market.

The Finest Vinyl