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ACS100 Music Server with CD Ripper

ACS100 Music Server with CD Ripper

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Audiophile grade caching music server streamer with USB Output, CD ripper metadata editor optional Dual-HDD storage ( user installed ) and library manager! Free shipping to Continental US only !

The ACS 100 was developed to be a more cost-effective version of the ACS 10 offering many of the same functions as the ACS 10. The ACS 100 quite simply delivers much more than other competitive brands in its price class.

As a music server / streamer, the ACS 100 enjoys operational control via Aurender Conductor for both iPad tablets and Android devices. All the features you’d expect from Aurender like clutter-free direct access to your music as well as app-embedded Tidal & Qobuz subscription streaming services, Spotify Connect, internet radio, MQA Core decoding ( optional ), CD ripping and advanced metadata editing and library management.


ACS 100 provides two sliding trays located on the rear panel that are designed to hold your choice of HDDs or SSDs for storage. You can install one drive to start and as your storage requirements change, add another or load both for maximum storage capacity.

CD Ripping

Aurender’s CD ripping engine creates the best sounding files in your choice of FLAC, WAV or AIFF codecs. Metadata is automatically retrieved and the album cover art and other metadata can be viewed on the front panel display. A TEAC CD-ROM drive extracts the CD data in bit-perfect fashion in a one-touch operation and places the file in a user determined folder for immediate playback.

Tag Editing & Library Management

Smart Tag Editor is an application for the modification of various metadata fields allowing user to correct the files tags to suit their music sorting requirements. A Copy / Move / Delete feature allows for easy transfer of music libraries from various other network attached devices and can also perform a scan for duplicate file removal.

Aurender Ecosystem

One can use ACS 100 as a central server for other Aurender players. Connectivity is accomplished over the network allowing the ACS 100 to be placed anywhere convenient. Although the ACS 100 can operate as a stand-alone music server / streamer, best sound quality is achieved when using an N100H, N100C, N100SC, N10, A100, A10, A30 or W20SE Aurender music server / streamer as the main player.


Caching Playback

The ACS 100 employs an innovative method of digital audio file playback. Every Aurender uses at least two drives, one or more to store the library, the other for playback. When the user gives the command to play an album, the music moves from the library drive to the SSD caching drive where playback begins. The library drive goes idle reducing both mechanical & electrical noise & lessening wear and tear. With the ACS 100 the user has the ability to install SSDs as library drives, allowing both storage and playback of file-based media to be handled entirely by SSDs.

Aurender Conductor App Packed with Convenient Features for Full-Function Control

The Aurender Conductor App turns the iPad, Android phone or tablet into a versatile user interface for each Aurender music server. All settings and functions of the Aurender scan be easily accessed through the Settings menu, and the app comes with extensive features to make browsing and playing high-resolution music collections a breeze.

ACS Manager Companion App

ACS 100 has many features allowing the user to correct mis-tagged files. A specialized app, ACS Manager is a companion app to Conductor and is used to configure all system settings including CD ripping preferences, Smart Copy, Move, Delete, Duplicate Checker, Smart Tag Editor, & much more.

State-of-the-Art Automatic CD Ripping

Aurender’s CD ripping software, which is custom engineered to work with the high-quality TEAC CD-ROM drive, yields shockingly good sounding CD rips! Sophisticated error detection & correction ensures accurate rips technically superior to rips made on a computer.

I/O Ports

A USB Digital Audio Class 2.0 output allows ACS 100 to function as a music server / streamer when connected to an external DAC. Two USB 3.0 data ports ( one on the front panel, one on the rear ) allow for fast data transfer to the ACS 100’s internal drives. Another USB 2.0 located on the rear panel can be used for thumb or USB storage devices or for connecting to a Acronova Nimbie AutoLoader ( optional – third party supplied ). An isolated LAN port is provided for direct connection to your router.

HDD Storage Capacity for the Large Music Libraries

ACS 100 is designed to be customized by the user in terms of storage capacity. The unit is delivered without any drives installed in the dual drive trays so the user must determine the type and capacity of the drives they install. For example, if using two ( 2 x ) 4 TB SSD drives ( currently the largest SATA type available ), the ACS 100 would then have a total music library capacity of 8 TB.

Power Supply with Integrated UPS

A 19 Volt power supply adapter plus a “super capacitor” based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for stabilizing the ACS 100 under an abrupt power outage condition.

Support for High-Resolution Formats

All major codecs supported. PCM up to 786k Hz / 32-bit. DSD up to 256 DoP. Native DSD up to 512.

MQA Core Decoder ( optional in-app purchase )

Aurender’s optional MQA Core Decoder upgrade enables “first-level” MQA unfolding to play MQA files at up to 88.2k or 96k Hz into DACs that are not MQA certified.

Aurender ACS100 Music Server & CD Ripper Quick Start Guide

Physical Specifications

Silver or black anodized aluminum finish

8.5" x 4.4" x 10.1", 11 lbs ( unit only )

Technical Specifications

MQA Core Decoder

Yes ( optional )

Automated Ripping

Yes – Software for Acronova Nimbie included ( Nimbie hardware is separate purchase from third party )


Aurender Conductor + ACS Manager

Inputs / Outputs

USB 3.0 x 2 ( 1 x front, 1 x rear panel ), USB 2.0 x 1 ( rear ), LAN Port ( 1G bps )


Tray for easy user installation – 2 x 2.5” SATA HDD ( 7 mm, Up to 2 x 2 TB ) or 2 x 2.5” SSD ( up to 2 x 4 TB )

CD-ROM for Ripping

Yes ( TEAC Slot-Load Type ) CD-ROM Drive for ripping only

Digital Audio Output

USB 2.0, Digital Audio Class 2.0 – DoP ( up to 256 ), Native DSD ( up to 512 ) PCM up to 384k Hz / 32-bit


Intel N4200 Quad CPU


Yes ( Super Capacitor based )

Power Supply

DC 19 Volt / 3.42 Amp

Front Panel Display

4.0″ Color IPS LCD

System Memory

8 GB

Dimensions & Weight

( user installed 2 x SSD ) / 8.5" x 4.4" x 10.1 inches, 11 lbs

SSD for System & Cache

240 GB


Machined Aluminum


Silver or Black


Aurender Conductor + ACS Manger