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    • N20 High Definition Caching Music Server Streamer
      • N20 High Definition Caching Music Server Streamer
      • N20 High Definition Caching Music Server Streamer


      Aurender N20 High Definition Caching Music Server Streamer


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        High Definition Caching Music Server Streamer, 2 x Slot for 2.5" HDD or SSD Drive ( user installed ), USB, AES EBU, Coaxial, BNC, Optical Outputs and Word Clock Input. Free shipping to continental US only!

        Product description

        Details & Specifications

        The N20 caching music server streamer provides the fidelity, features and flexibility the digital audiophile will find attractive and meaningful. A significant advantage is that the N20 contains two empty storage bays. This allows you to customize storage to best meet your budget and intended use. For example, these days many music lovers listen exclusively to streaming content. Therefore, no internal storage is necessary ( although it can be easily added at any time if desired ). Have a modestly sized music collection? Install an inexpensive 2 TB HDD. Own a massive music library? Opt-in for two ( 2 ) SSD's or HDD's. Fully loaded, the N20 is capable of accommodating an incredible 16 TB of solid-state storage!

        Within the Aurender range of models, the N20 truly represents the best cost / performance ratio in terms of audio performance, features and functionally. Many performance enhancing design techniques, circuit topologies and upgraded component parts have been employed to push its advancement of digital audio reproduction.

        An Intel Quad Core CPU is used to support the most demanding digital file codecs including Native DSD512 transmission. All file types andformats are handled by this processor with exceptional ease and aplomb. Our latest generation SPDIF digital output suite employs transformer isolated grounding for the lowest possible noise floor, and our USB Audio Class 2.0 output benefits from our latest jitter and noise reducing designs. A word clock input is included as well. This allows for an external word clock to be connected, pushing our reference-class SPDIF digital output performance even higher! And, a double-isolated Ethernet LAN port significantly reduces network router noise, lowering the overall system noise floor for a clearer and more pristine audio signal.

        However, improvements are not limited only to the N20’s exceptional audio performance. The new, bold 8.8” full-color front panel display illustrates the album cover artwork as well as the album name and artist using a large and vibrant readout. And, practically speaking, an internal uninterrupted power supply (UPS) has the ability to perform safe shutdown under an abrupt power outage preventing system and/or disc corruption.


        Ultra-High-Quality SPDIF and AES/EBU Digital Audio Outputs

        The N20’s AES/EBU, BNC, Coaxial, and Optical outputs provide a superior musical presentation with some DACs due to the superior clock and oscillator. As opposed to asynchronous USB connections, where the DAC pulls packets of information from the player, N20’s SPDIF audio outputs push the signal out to the DAC at intervals defined by the on-board precision OCXO clock. With a clock this precise, once heard, you’ll want to use it.

        Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator ( OCXO ) for Long-Term Jitter Reduction

        OCXOs are among the most accurate and stable clocks in use today, and are orders of magnitude more accurate and stable than commonly used ordinary crystal oscillators usually found in computers. Temperature changes cause crystal oscillations to fluctuate, which can lead to jitter in the digital audio signal. Moreover, ordinary crystals are much less stable and lose accuracy over time. In OCXO clocks, a very stable, high-grade crystal oscillator is enclosed in a compartment and kept at a constant temperature to maintain an absolutely stable flow of information.

        Precision DSD-to-PCM Conversion by FPGA

        Many DACs support DSD decoding only on their USB inputs, but not on SPDIF. Additionally, some excellent DACs still in use are non-DSD compliant altogether. That’s why the Aurender N20 ( and W20SE and N10 ) all feature this extremely high quality method of DSD-to-PCM conversion on-the-fly by FPGA. The resulting sampling frequency output is user selectable between 88.2 kHz and 176.4 kHz, gain is adjustable 1-6 dB and a low-pass filter accommodates 24 Hz, 30 Hz, 40 Hz and 50 Hz settings.

        FPGA-Based All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop System

        An All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop system ( ADPLL ) incorporating Field-Programmable Gate Arrays ( FPGA ) with OCXO clocks precisely times digital audio data transmissions and minimizes jitter to below negligible levels. The results are sonically audible with better image focus, a wider, deeper, taller soundstage presentation and an uncanny analog-like organic quality.

        Dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 Output with Ultra-Low Noise Power Circuitry

        The N20’s dedicated USB Audio Class 2.0 output is designed to deliver an exceptionally transparent audio signal free of noise and jitter, and it is shielded from outside electronic interference. The improved module-type design is chassis mounted for strength and durability.

        Dedicated Word Clock Input

        The N20 offers support for an external word clock which can, in some cases, improve upon the SPDIF audio performance in terms of musical rhythm, pace, timing, and phase coherance. If the user wants to use a separate master clock and SPDIF interconnects, a music server with master clock input is needed as well as a DAC with master clock input. The external word clock can then be used to synchronize timing between both digital devices ensuring jitter-free and time-perfect data transmission. N20 can accept word clocks with the following frequencies: Master clock: 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz, Word clock: 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz in multiples from 1 to 512. N20 supports both word clock ( dCS, DAC's or similar ) or Master Clock ( MSB DACs or similar ) inputs.

        Uninterrupted Power Supply ( UPS )

        At the heart of any music server is, essentially, a computer. Like any desktop computer, it doesn’t like when its electrical connection is abruptly terminated. In the case of an AC power outage or momentary “brownout”, the N20 is protected by a clever super capacitor-based power supply which allows the unit to stay powered on long enough to automatically power down. This prevents the system and hard drives from being corrupted by the loss of AC power.

        User-Installable Hard Drive Storage with Solid-State Caching Drive for Playback

        The N20 provides unparalleled flexibility in terms of the type and capacity of drive that can be fitted. Each of the two trays on the rear panel can be fitted with a 1 TB / 2 TB / 4 TB or 5 TB HDD or a 1TB / 2 TB / 4 TB or 8 TB SSD. You can choose to install one or both to accommodate your current capacity and/or future expansion of your digital files. If installed, these internal hard drives provide storage for your music library and an internal 500 GB solid-state drive is used to cache music for playback. If a selected song or album is already cached to the solid-state drive, the storage drive remains idle. This minimizes the system’s overhead resources in se, and wear and tear on the hard drive. Additionally, by caching songs to the solid-state drive for playback, electrical and acoustic noise resulting from spinning disks, moving heads and motors is completely eliminated.

        USB HDD and NAS ( Network-Attached Storage ) Support

        The most streamlined use case occurs when music is stored on the Aurender’s internal storage. However, the Aurender platform is also capable of seamlessly integrating content stored on a NAS, external USB HDD or thumb drive. Two USB 2.0 ports on the rear panel are used to import content or playback from the attached storage device. If importing content, Aurender’s SmartCopy feature can be used for bulk transfer or to selectively copy specific content onto the internal hard drives.

        Upsampling and Critical Listening Mode

        N20 offers the user the ability to upsample any lower resolution content to a user determined sampling rate. Three selections are available to choose from: 44.1/ 48 kHz, 88.2/ 96 kHz & 176.4 / 192 kHz. Since results vary from server-to-DAC combinations, experimentation is in order to determine the sonic results. Upsampling effects only the system’s SPDIF digital outputs, not USB. Critical Listening Mode is a feature that allows the user to defeat any background tasks and circuitry that are non-essential to playing music. By defeating the display illumination and disabling other background functions, system resources are reduced for the best possible sound quality.

        Aurender Conductor App Packed with Convenient Features for Full-Function Control

        The Aurender Conductor App turns the iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets into a versatile user interface for all Aurender music servers. All settings and functions of the Aurender server can be easily accessed through the Settings menu, and Conductor comes with extensive features to make browsing and playing high resolution music collections a breeze. Two streaming services, Qobuz and Tidal (subscription required) are embedded within the Conductor App allowing easy access to millions of high-resolution albums. Content found on streaming services can be easily integrated into your main file library, making it easy to combine and compile content in one location.

        MQA Core Decoder ( optional in-app purchase )

        Aurender’s MQA Core Decoder upgrade enables MQA Core or first unfold allowing playback of MQA files at up to 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz. This is beneficial if using a non-MQA DAC as Core Decoding will deliver some of the MQA benefit from MQA encoded content. Additionally, MQA Core Decoder will work with DACs that perform MQA rendering which is the second stage of MQA decoding. Together, they provides full MQA decoding.

        Remote Internet Technical Support

        Sending a Remote Support Request through the Aurender App allows engineers to quickly diagnose and correct problems over the Internet. This service can correct for file, software or firmware issues and is a service provided free of charge.

        Dimensions and weight

        Silver or Black finish
        16.9" x 3.9" x 14" / 430 mm x 98 mm x 353 mm ( unit only )
        16.9" x 4.4" x 14.0" / 430 mm x 111 mm x 353 mm ( unit with foot )
        29.8 lbs / 13.5 kg

        N20 Specifications

        Compatible FormatsNative DSD, DSD ( DSF, DFF ), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE
        Bit and Sample Rates

        SPDIF: Up to 24-bit, 192 kHz
        USB: 32 bit / 384 kHz, DSD: Up to DSD256 ( DoP ), Native – Up to DSD512

        User SoftwareAurender Conductor iPad and iPhone App ( Available soon ), Android Phone and Tablet
        SSD Caching Drive/DRAM1 x 500 GB, M.2 MVME / DDR3 8 GB
        SPDIF Output IsolationIsolated by separate transformer core. Full-Linear power supply
        DSD-to-PCMPrecision DSD-to-PCM conversion for SPDIF outputs
        Dedicated USB Audio OutputAudio Class 2.0, Module-type
        Digital Audio Outputs ( 1 each )AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC ( 75 Ω ), TOS-LINK, USB
        Digital I/O1 2X Isolated Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 2 x USB 3.0 data ports
        Audio ClockOven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator ( OCXO ) jitter reducing clock
        Internal UPSSuper Capacitor based uninterrupted power supply for safe shutdown
        Master Clock InputWord Clock or Master Clock Input ( BNC ) 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz ( 44.1 kHz & 48 kHz multiples from 1 to 512 )​, Input impedance 75Ω
        Content StorageNone. Two trays for 2.5” 15 mm / 7 mm HDDs / SSDs. User installed
        Power Consumption​Play ( 27 watt ), Peak ( 37 watt ), Standby ( 3.1 watt )

        Shipping weight & dimensions: 39 lbs, 20" x 22" x 12" 


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