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Pellar PhonoStage

Pellar PhonoStage

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Descended from its bigger relation, our single box phono stage retains the sonic family resemblance, possessing a natural tonal balance with brilliant dynamics and characteristically low background noise.

Avid HiFi Pellar PhonoStage

Bringing greater ownership accessibility for prudent audiophiles, the Pellar is unusual at this price level, having the flexibility of three gain options for MM, low and high gain MC cartridge types.

"The Pellar is open, explicit and always entertaining" - Ed Selley

Spell Binding

Achieving sensational sound quality by optimising your cartridge is a breeze. Out of the box, it comes set for a moving magnet cartridge and should you prefer a moving coil there are a series of switches on the underside with high and low gain settings. Additional connections on the rear panel allow you to use customized resistance loading plugs to precisely dial in your cartridge. Abracadabra, awesome magical sound.

"Absolutely Wizard !" - Paul Rigby

A New Standard

The best part of owning the Pellar is that you can just turn it on, forget about it, and enjoy your vinyl collection.

"My definite contender for one of the audio bargains of the year" - Lawrence Devoe

Key Features

- MM, MC Low, MC Hi Gain

- Capacitance Loading Plugs

- Exceptionally Low Noise

- External Shielded PSU


Noise: < -81dB MM   <-67dB MC

Distortion: < 0.001%

RIAA: 5Hz - 70kHz ±0.5dB

Gain: 48dB -60dB -70dB

Resistance: 47K - 500Ω - Custom

Capacitance: 100pf

Output Impedance: 20Ω

Power Supply: Internally Regulated 25va Transformer

Dimensions: 4.7" ( W ) x 9" ( D ) x 2.7" ( H )

Net Weight: 3.5 lbs

Avid HiFi Pellar PhonoStage User's Manual

Avid HiFi Pellar PhonoStage Specification Sheet