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Pellere PhonoStage

Pellere PhonoStage

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The Pellere mirrors the design innovation pioneered in the flagship Pulsare Phono Stage and bridges the gap to the Pulsus Phono Stage. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Avid HiFi Pellere PhonoStage

Delivering pristine sound quality and harnessing the balanced design innovation pioneered in our flagship phono stage, the Pellere possesses the same internal high specification components to keep noise and distortion exceptionally low across the audio spectrum. Capable of resolving the finest musical detail and working with the best cartridges available, your cherished records will sound simply phenomenal.

"Precise, accurate and captivating sound" - Janine Elliot

Sound Creations

Fiercely retaining meticulous control of manufacturing, everything is handcrafted within our own facilities by time served producers, as passionate about sound quality as the most dedicated audiophile.

Persistent in our quest that you are listening to the pinnacle of vinyl replay, our perfectionists painstakingly inspect and certify each creation.

Authentic Sound

Optimization is critical to achieve the best sound quality and with Gain, Resistance and Capacitance easily adjustable from the base panel using high quality switches, exceptional flexibility is guaranteed.

A passive RIAA circuit using high-end capacitors maintains linearity of reproduction, with the dual-box configuration rejecting electromagnetic interference from the regulated power supply, this providing prodigious uncontaminated power to offer a formidable and authentic sound.

 "There was a tremendous sense of musicality" - Paul Rigby

Key Features

- Fully Balanced Operation

- Exceptional Adjustability

- Separate Power Supply


Noise: < -81dB MM   <-67dB MC

Distortion: < 0.001%

RIAA: 5Hz - 70kHz ±0.5dB

Gain: 40dB -50dB -60dB -70dB

Resistance: 10R-30R-100R-300R-500R-1K-5K-10K-47K

Capacitance: 100pf - 200pf - 500pf - 1.5nf - 10nf - 20nf

Output Impedance: 20Ω

Power Supply: Regulated with 300va Transformer

Voltage Input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 10 Watts Max.

Net Weight

Control Unit: 8.4 lbs

PSU: 14 lbs

Avid HiFi Pellere PhonoStage User's Manual

Avid HiFi Pellere PhonoStage Specification Sheet