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At Episode, we don’t think about what our “brand” should be. We think about you.

We don’t have a long-winded backstory or dedicated spokesperson, just products with features and benefits you actually care about. Our speakers are designed to deliver premium audio to real-world applications – ones you encounter every single day.

Because great sound isn’t conjured, crafted, or born. It’s built.

Superior Audio Quality

We believe achieving true, uniform sound is a science, not an art. So we skipped the gaudy and complicated designs, and crafted our speakers with premium tweeter and woofer materials, giving you superior audio in any application.

Easy Installation

Before we ever draw up a blueprint, we think about how you use these speakers day in and day out. Dealer-inspired features like toolless installs with Push Lock install covers that act as paint shields, built in speaker handles, and countless install options make installation a breeze.

Premium Fit and Finish

With Episode, your install will look as good as it sounds. Dedicated pre-construction brackets provide a perfect fit, while 4-, 6-, and 8-inch speaker sizes give you ultimate customization. Complete your install with thin-bezel paintable grilles or choose unique options like black, square, and bezel-less grilles for a smooth, discreet look.

A Complete Solution, from Source to Speaker

There’s more to Episode than great speakers. Our wide range of products were designed to help you tackle anything from home theaters to office spaces.