Mini T-Rex Stack Speaker (Each)

Mini T-Rex Stack Speaker (Each)

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Each T-Rex loudspeakers version comprise of 2 pairs of Bryston active speakers and comes with a special bracket and pad that allows safe placement of the speakers on top of each other plus extra large outriggers to reduce the risk of tipping. Better bass loading in the room than standard speakers and higher dynamic range means overall more realistic sound. The 2nd set of speakers is driven in parallel with the first from your amplifiers. T-Rex versions also have their input panel located behind the tweeters rather than down low towards the woofer so make cabling easier. Experience some of the finest sound the world has to offer!

T- Rex Kit allows you to stack an extra pair of Mini T Active LoudSpeakers on top of same model to create a tower of power. If you already own one pair of Active speakers and want to convert to T-Rex, buy a 2nd set of identical speakers (specify for T-Rex) and add this kit which includes the coupling brackets and outriggers.

Select your Speakers

Bryston offers three models of Active Loudspeaker plus 3 more T-Rex Active models. Each loudspeaker is expertly constructed in Canada and finished by talented craftsmen in the fine wood of your choosing. No internal crossover is present, Each driver section is powered directly from the attached amplifier. Whichever you pick, expect realistic tone, lifelike three dimensional space, and incredible clarity. All models are protected by Bryston’s legendary 20 year warranty.

Pick your Power

Unlike with so many other active loudspeaker systems, with our models amplification is more than simply an afterthought. Each loudspeaker requires three amplifier channels—one for high frequency, one for midrange, and one for low frequency. A compact and attractive solution is our 24B³ Cubed Series model which contains 300 watts per bass section plus four more 75 watt channels for the midrange and high frequencies. For more power, use a pair of 21B³. Each of these three channel ‘mono blocks’ has a 600 watt bass channel plus two 300 watt MF and HF channels. Or, leverage Bryston’s extensive catalogue and build your own amplifier complement.

Command the Crossover

Inside the all new BAX-1 DSP Crossover lies the magic that elevates the system to a new ultimate performance. The BAX-1 receives line level analog audio from your preamp and converts it to digital with exacting precision. Like a traditional crossover, bands are divided, but response is also corrected. Our engineers use the powerful DSP engine to precisely neutralize system response errors that would otherwise go uncorrected. Low, midrange, and high frequency outputs are generated which then feed 6 amplifier channels. Do you want a custom sound? You can even custom tailor the bass response to match your room using the on-board web based user interface.


6 Driver: 3-way semi-full range stand-mount speakers.

Output: up to 112dB before compression

Fq. Response: 33Hz-22kHz ±3dB

Dynamic Range: 115 dB @ 1m anechoic

Drivers: 2x 1" titanium dome tweeter, 2x 5,25" midrange , 2x 8" bass (anodized aluminum)

Dimensions: ( W ) 10.5” x ( H ) 22.5” x ( D ) 10” plus feet

Weight: 42 lbs. ea.

Includes: Grilles, spikes, rubber feet, Coupling kit. isolation pad.

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