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Model T Subwoofer

Model T Subwoofer

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The Bryston Model T Subwoofer was built to be exceptionally high quality and affordable, while bringing superior design to the table. New driver designs, enclosure vibration analysis, crossover refinement, and anechoic chamber testing all went into creating an amazing product.

A “state of the art” audio system involves what some refer to as a “suspension of disbelief”. This means the playback system transcends the recorded medium and transports you to a live venue. You forget it’s a recording and believe you are there at the live performance. Our goal with the Bryston Model T Subwoofer is to provide our customers with a superior level of “disbelief”.

Adding a sub or two can bring extra dynamic range and depth to your bottom end regardless of how powerful your main channels are. Bryston offers 4 T-Series options. Each has a built in 600W amplifier, level and crossover controls and plenty of input/output options to make integration with your system a breeze.

The Model T and Mini T subs are built like our floorstanding loudspeakers. Because the woofers are in a vertical array, the different boundary conditions of each helps smooth floor bounce without the aid of equalization. The cube shaped T-12 and T-8 models feature opposing drivers that cancel any cabinet borne vibraion for extra clarity in the midrange.


- Thunderous deep and powerful bass with astonishingly low distortion

- Line level and high level inputs

- Adjustable crossover frequency.

- Adjustable phase and level

- Class D amplifier but with linear power supply.

- Ideal for 2-channel and home theater

- Available in your choice of finish

Finishes: Walnut, Boston Cherry, Black Ash standard. Others upon request.


Dimensions: 10.5" ( W ) x 39" ( H ) x 17" ( D )

Weight: 105 lbs

Frequency Response: 18Hz-150Hz ±3dB

Dynamic Range: 108 dB @ 1m anechoic

Built in Power: 600 Watts

Drivers: Triple 8"

Input Connector: RCA, XLR, Binding Posts