Burmester 077 Reference Line Preamplifier with Reference Line Power Supply

Burmester 077 Reference Line Preamplifier with Reference Line Power Supply

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In 2007, for the celebration of the 30th. Anniversary of the 777 Pre-amplifier, Burmester introduced another Pre-amplifier: the 077 which provides exquisite sound & a relaxed listening experience. This unit comes with an external power supply !

The corner stone of the worldwide success of Burmester Audiosysteme was set in 1977 with the launch of the legendary 777 preamplifier. To celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2007 the company introduced another extraordinary preamplifier, the 077. Its self-adjusting phono stage can automatically compensate for any channel imbalances of pickup systems. The result is a more precise and extended soundstage. Additional attractions of this anniversary model are its X-Amp2 amplification stages and its control via the BurLink technology. Its exquisite sound and versatile functionality are an homage to the world-renowned high-end icon 808. Operating the 077 is intuitive and does not distract from a relaxed listening experience. Its visual appearance bespeaks the typical Burmester design language.

Detailed Impressions of The 077

Instantly recognizable as a typical Burmester product, the 077 preamplifier makes use of characteristic design elements of the Reference Line.


The Reference Line housing of the 077 preamplifier impresses immediately with its outstanding manufacturing quality made out of a solid aluminum enclosure. The 077 rests on a special base with carbon fiber damping, which insulates it mechanically from any distortion of its outstanding signal processing capabilities. As an ultimate upgrade, Burmester offers an external power supply for the 077.

Handmade in Germany

In our Berlin manufacture, the cutting-edge electronics of the 077 preamplifier are carefully married to the high-quality aluminum housing. The hand-assembled printed boards, the powerful X-Amp2 amplification stages, the XLR terminals and other hand-selected electronic components are expertly crafted into an audiophile work of art. The process of careful selection and assembly and thorough quality control also apply, of course, to the available optional output modules.


Weight 55.1 lbs 
Width 17.8"
Height 6.2"
Depth 13.7"
Inputs 6 XLR / 1 RCA
Phono Input Optional MM / MC
Outputs 1 XLR, 1 XLR ( Variable / Fix )
Head Phone jack 2 x 6.3 mm, dual zone
Module Slots 1
Optional Modules Phono MC / MM, DAC, Line