Cabasse - La Sphère Flagship Wireless Active Loudspeaker ( Sold as Pair )

Cabasse - La Sphère Flagship Wireless Active Loudspeaker ( Sold as Pair )

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In Store Only! All the principles of Cabasse Spatially Coherent Source technology at its finest. Expect total Acoustic Emotions. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

In Store Only !

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La Sphère – An acoustic Masterpiece

A world reference, La Sphère is a pure work of art. This masterpiece boasts power and precision with its 55 cm woofer; purity in its 4-way integrated driver, a deep and stable soundstage due to soundwaves without diffraction, perfect phase linearity in a 60° cone and powerful amplifiers with customizable home settings. 

History of the Sphère

In 2006, the Sphère was introduced to the world at CES 2006 in Las Vegas. Equipped with the only quadriaxial technology in the world, the Sphère consisted of a TC23 and a 55 cm driver with a frequency response of 20Hz – 25 kHz.

Its high processing power allows for better clarity, delighting audiophiles from around the world.

Its main objective was to captivate music lovers in their quest for perfection. The Sphère’s architecture was carefully designed to avoid any standing waves or diffraction effects with its dense and aluminium base.

French Design

Designed in collaboration with award-winning French architect Sylvain Dubuisson, this 1.4m aesthetic masterpiece aims to be technically perfect in order to reproduce the entire range of sound frequencies.

The 70cm spherical speaker, made from a sandwich of composite materials (and originally designed for the European space programme), is coupled with the die-cast aluminium helical support, which positions the centre of the speaker at a perfect listening height.

Dedicated 4-Channel Stereo Amplifiers & Processor

The Sphere is displayed and sold as a complete system. Customers receive a package that includes: Cabasse amplifiers with La Sphère’s dedicated 4-channel digital stereo processor, a high-resolution Cabasse Streamer as well as a very high-quality preamplifier.

Personalized Service

Each delivery La Sphère is accompanied worldwide by a Cabasse acoustician, who carefully and meticulously adapts the digitized parametric filters to perfectly match the listening room.

Measured in an Anechoic Chamber

Cabasse’s protocol for measurements in the anechoic chamber takes into account the measurements in the axis and on 360° for a perfect control of the directivity and the total radiated power, in accordance with the SCS principles.

It allows filters adjustments to be made to adapt to many listening sessions in rooms with different acoustics. They have cut-off slopes varying from 6 to 24 dB per octave with a perfect consideration of the shape of the cabinet and a total respect of the intrinsic qualities of our coaxial loudspeakers.

Features & Specifications


Ways: 4

Driver Tweeter:

1” Dome Diaphragm

91 dB (2.83 V/1m)

3000 to 25000 Hz


103 dB SPL


4” Honeycomb Ring

92 dB ( 2.83 V/1m )

800 to 3000 Hz

80 Watt

108 dB SPL


8” Honeycomb Ring

95 dB ( 2.83 V /1m )

165 to 800 Hz

150 Watt

114 dB  SPL

Driver Bass:

22” Honeycomb Inverted Dome

95 dB ( 2.83 V / 1m )

20 to 165 Hz

500 Watt

119 dB SPL

Frequency Response:

28 – 23000 HZ +- 3dB on axis

20 – 23000 Hz in open space conditions

-6 dB at 16 Hz

Specifications 4-way Active Processor


165 – 800 – 3000 Hz

Time alignement of the 4 acoustic + linear phase filter

Specifications Mono Amplifier Cabasse BC REF600M x 8

RMS Power ( 4 Ohms )

600 Watt

Peak Output Current: 27 amps

Dynamic Range: 121 dB

Frequency Response: 0 – 50 000 Hz +- 3dB

Damping Factor: Above 1,000

Dimensions: 55.11" x 27.5" x 27.5"

Weight: 216 lbs

Specifications 4-Way Active Processor

Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.7" x 12.4"

Weight: 19.62 lbs

Specifications Mono Amplifier Cabasse BC REF600M x 8

Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.4" x 1.37"

Weight: 15.43 lbs