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Amelia Stabilizer (Pair)

Amelia Stabilizer (Pair)

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A distinctive unique shape, a pure acoustic emotion, a loudspeaker that will make you rediscover the pleasure of listening, a slim but powerful figure, like the woman to whom it is dedicated. 


These speakers are one of the most transparent of any other speaker of the line, a wonderful open sound granted also by the solid cabinet construction that ensures a stable platform for the drivers. Voices and acoustical instruments are well reproduced with an extremely natural and life-like presentation. A very musical speaker with a sculptural figure able to enchant your eyes and ears.

Design is not just what it Looks Like & Feels Like. Design is how it Works.

Thanks to the choice of classic, but modern cutting-edge materials, Amelia can easily adapt to any kind of environment, from aesthetic point of view, thanks to the well-finished simplicity of its lines and from the sound point of view thanks to the perfection of reproduction that it can offer. Amelia will surprise you for the quality of its performances totally devoid of any interpretation and its sleek lines. A floor stand speaker whose performance exceeds its small and proportionated size. Amelia as well as all the products of the Aviator line are made with the use of solid wood of walnut of Italian origin.

Down Fire

The down fire principle called NRS exploits the proximity of the supporting surface and the structure of the speaker to increase the performance of the subwoofer. As a result, NRS achieves double sound pressure (gain of 3dB) for the same distortion. Also for Amelia this principle its used for a specific primary need, to provide a speaker who is able to reproduce a musical event in a coherent, credible and involving way. Coherent means that the speaker should in no way give interpretation to the input signal that it receives, must accomplish a task far more difficult, that is to reproduce as faithfully as possible so natural and free from any touch-up, the original event. Credible means that all the components that contribute to the registration, depth of the image, width of the stage, positioning of instruments inside the stage should have the right balance, which must respect the character that there were in the original event. Emotionally engaging means that the speaker must ensure sufficient extent and dynamics to reproduce the event by donating all the nuances that the same event wanted to transfer during its performance.


The third 130 mm driver is placed at the bottom as a subwoofer. This configuration allows the Amelia a great extension and an higher dynamic capacity. This is the result of the subwoofer placement in the lower part, reducing the workload of the front driver(s). The result is a significant  increase in articulation and detail , and consequently a reduction in listening fatigue