Control4 - Cardaccess Wireless Contact Relay with External Antenna, ZCA-WCS10-R-EXT-ZP ( Discontinued Model ! )

Control4 - Cardaccess Wireless Contact Relay with External Antenna, ZCA-WCS10-R-EXT-ZP ( Discontinued Model ! )

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Open it, close it, turn it on, turn it off. All without the wire—Automating a home’s garage doors, window blinds, projection screens, fire places, and a variety of other devices just got a lot easier to do—and in a lot less time. And all without the wire.

Get the job done using the Control4 Wireless Contact Relay. This easy-to-install solution combines two contact relays, one magnetic contact sensor, one temperature sensor and ZigBee® ( IEEE 802.15.4 ) Extender into a single small device. The Wireless Contact Relay expands your Control4 home's automation capabilities, controlling devices inside and outside the home with standard Control4 System Remote Controls, touch screens, or keypads—and with Wireless Contact Sensors ( ZCA-WCS10A-2-ZP ), Wireless Motion Sensors ( ZCA-WMS10-2-ZP ), or Mini Remotes ( ZCA-IMR10A-ZP ).

The Wireless Contact Relay is water resistant, compact, and installs easily. One or two relay outputs open and close automatic doors, blinds, and gates. When used together with the Wireless Contact Switch, you can detect open and closed states to further integrate relay activation events with other home automation activities.

Complete Control4 system integration—The Wireless Contact Relay also includes an on-board magnetic contact sensor that wirelessly integrates into Control4 systems. To trigger the sensor, you can use any standard magnet or order one directly from Control4.

A built-in temperature sensor adds remote temperature-sensing capabilities. This gives Control4 systems additional automation features and capabilities based on indoor or outdoor temperature events. Wireless Contact Relay functions appear in Control4 Composer projects as relays and a contact sensor that you can trigger and monitor to control events and take action throughout the Control4 system based on commands or other events.

ZigBee Extender TechnologyTM—The Wireless Contact Relay incorporates ZigBee Extender Technology to act as a routing node in Control4 ZigBee Pro mesh networks. ZigBee Extender Technology helps solve mesh network issues with parent-child device ratios, routing vs. non-routing nodes, solving mesh network dead spots, and increasing the size or density of the ZigBee mesh.

The Wireless Contact Relay includes a 12VDC power adapter with units shipped in the United States and Canada and operates on any 9-24VAC or DC power source.

With its wireless connectivity and ease of installation, the Wireless Contact Relay is perfect for either new construction or for retrofit homes where wiring options are limited. High-performance wireless connectivity reaches every location from inside the house to the edge of the yard. The Wireless Contact Relay extends automation capabilities to almost any switch-controlled product you can think of and increases the enjoyment of a Control4 automated home. So, when running a wire just isn’t practical—or possible—hook up with the Wireless Contact Relay.