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Stark Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

Stark Hybrid In-Ear Headphones

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The Stark benefits from a powerful and successful hybrid technology.Its goal, deliver a refined, warm, and detailed sound, relying on the new hybrid process. Free shipping to Continental US only!

The STARK consists of an electronic architecture with 5 drivers, including a novelty at Earsonics: a 8mm wide event dynamic driver. Always based on a 3-way filtering that made the fame and success of our products, the heart of the Stark is composed of: A new wide event DD driver for the bass register, 2BA transducers for the medium, and 2 BA transducers for the treble.

The technical choice is to retain the use of balanced armature transducers for the acute and midrange, promoting high performance and level of detail while remaining musical and natural. The 3rd way for the bass has been reserved for the new dynamic driver, bringing warmth, power, as well as greater ventilation that will delight lovers of Circum helmet. The Stark electronic parts are maintained in an acrylic skeleton structure specially developed to optimized the placement of the transducers.

Made in EarSonics 3D machines with the acrylic material that EarSonics masters to perfection, it allows optimized positioning of different drivers and a perfect phase alignment. The acoustical characteristics of this material on the sound texture make it possible to push the final rendering to the highest level of quality. It also includes an acoustical chamber for mechanical tuning and filtering of the dynamic driver, avoiding the use of electronic components that impairs performance.

The Stark heart protected by its metal envelop, gives it elegance and extreme strength. Its carefully anodized zinc and magnesium alloy has been specifically chosen for its resistance to oxidation and shock. Designed by EarSonics R&D department, everything that composes it has been compose it has been carefully chosen and thought through.


Sensitivity: 125 dB/mW
Frequency rRsponse: 10 Hz -20 kHz
DCR: 18,5 ohms
Drivers: 1 DDynamic, 4 BA drivers  with 3 way crossover.

In the Box

STARK with  4C HI-RES cable
4 Comply tips ( various sizes )
8 silicon tips
 ( various sizes )
Cleaning tool
Carrying box
User manual

100% Made in France