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Purple In-Ear Headphones

Purple In-Ear Headphones

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The Purple by EarSonics: When the technical know-how is put at the service of musical versatility. Free shipping to Continental US only!

Power, balance, compliance with timbre and maximal headroom. The Purple has a rich sound in all parts of the spectrum with a strong sense of presence and enhanced front surround sound for a unique listening experience. The sound is balanced, natural and musical. It has all the qualities that made EarSonics a success: organic and warm lows, processed mids and mastered high-mids, with full control of harshness even at high volume levels. 

The highs are textured and fine with rich harmonics, giving a clear and airy feel. Indeed, the Purple inherits its quality highs coming from our EM64 CIEM, yet offering an even stronger presence of highs. Designed with 5 proprietary drivers, 2 of which are mid drivers provided with a vent system, the purple electronics aim to lead the most discerning listeners towards a new horizon in terms of listening experience.


Sensitivity: 127 dB/mW

Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz

DCR: 25 to 45 ohms (depending on the switch position)

Driver: 5 balanced armature drivers, HQ 3-way tunable crossover

In the Box

PURPLE with its replaceable cable
 (silver cable)
4 Comply tips (various sizes)
8 silicon tips
 (various sizes)
Cleaning tool
Carrying box
User manual