Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones - Red

Focal Clear MG Professional Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones - Red

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Open-back, Circumaural Reference Headphones with 5Hz-28kHz Frequency Response, Vented Memory Foam & Microfibre Ear-cups & Headband, and 40mm Aluminum & Magnesium M-profile Dome Drivers. Free shipping to Continental US only!

Focal Clear Professional headphones mimic the experience of listening to world-class monitors in a perfectly treated acoustic space. Whether you're mixing, monitoring, or enjoying your favorite recordings, you can count on these comfortable open-back, circumaural reference headphones to reproduce your material in life-like detail.They are some of the best high end headphones!

Focal's 40 mm aluminum and magnesium electro-dynamic transducers are extremely accurate from 5 Hz to 28 kHz, delivering bass articulation worthy of the best subwoofers and clean, clear detail that's nearly distortion-free well beyond the audible limits. Though Focal Clear Professionals are best enjoyed with a proper headphone amp, their 55-ohm impedance means you should have no trouble driving them from your laptop or phone. Best of all, Focal's vented microfiber earcups and constant curvature leather headband cause these headphones to virtually disappear on the listener's head. A hardshell case and two oxygen-free copper cables are included.

40mm M-Profile Dome Drivers with Copper Voice Coils

To a company like Focal — creators of world-class studio monitors and audiophile playback systems — drivers are core curriculum. The Focal Clear Professional headphones are equipped with lightweight 40mm aluminum and magnesium alloy M-profile rigid-dome drivers. The design is an update to the drivers used in Focal's flagship Utopia headphones. Yet only the Clear Pros feature solid 100% copper former-less voice coils to optimize the control of the surround, dome, and voice coil through the magnet. This nets the Clear Pros an additional 2 kHz in breakup, resulting in lower distortion and fewer phase issues across the frequency spectrum.

One of the reasons monitoring through headphones can be jarring is that it removes the listener from the room — but not Focal Clear Professionals. The open-back design allows the drivers to breathe and react with the environment for better airiness and a more open feel, without the ill effects of untreated acoustic spaces. The vented ear cushions play a big part in this transparency. The microfiber-covered 20mm memory foam feels so natural that, with or without music, the difference between wearing the Focal Clear Professionals and not is subtle.

Designed for Hours of Comfortable Listening

As all good reference headphones should be, the Focal Clear Professionals are rated for hours of comfort. Sweetwater reviewers can attest to this. The lightweight frame and drivers, paired with the face-conforming leather/microfibre headband and breathable ear cushions, are comfortable to the point of being invisible.

Includes Cables & Case

Your Focal's travel safely in a molded hardshell case, with room for not only the two included audiophile cables but an iLok key (not included) as well. Throw your Clear Professionals in a day bag and monitor with confidence wherever the moment takes you.


- Natural, open-back, circumaural design

- Suited for mixing, mastering, and the most demanding monitoring applications

- Rated for hours of comfort

- Simulates the experience of listening to world-class monitors in a perfectly treated acoustic space

- 5Hz – 28kHz frequency response

- Reproduces the smallest details in your source material

- 40mm M-profile dome drivers with copper former-less voice coils deliver a clean, uniform listening experience

- 55-ohm impedance is compatible with laptops and mobile phones

- Solid aluminum yoke resists scratching and damage

- Comfortable, breathable leather/microfiber headband

- Microfiber-covered 20 mm memory foam ear cushions are vented for comfort and transparency

- Includes 2 audiophile unbalanced cables ( 16.5' coiled & 3.9' straight ) with 1/8" – 1/4" jack adapter- Included molded hardshell case has space for an iLok key ( not included )

- Includes 2 spare ear cushions

- Designed & manufactured in France