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Fazon Mikro Loudspeaker (Pair)

Fazon Mikro Loudspeaker (Pair)

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The Dali Fazon Mikro is an ultra compact on-wall speaker featuring our signature wood fibre cone and soft dome tweeter module. The high-gloss lacquered aluminium cabinet fits perfectly in any living room and delivers true Hi-Fi in a very small package.

Great Sound from a Small Speaker

True Hi-Fi sound really can come in a small and elegant design. With its curved, high-gloss lacquered aluminium cabinet, coated composite front baffle, and snug fitting grille, the ultra compact Fazon Mikro fits perfectly in any living room. Working in a stereo setup or as rear speakers with other Fazon speakers, the Fazon Mikro will always surprise and delight, whether you're listening to music or watching a movie.

Great for Wall or Shelf Mounting

Flexibility is the key with the Fazon Mikro. It can be placed on a bookshelf, integrated into a cabinet or mounted on the wall using the supplied bracket. The Fazon Mikro is designed to be positioned close to a wall surface, which minimises the visual impact of the speaker and maximizes bass power.

Delivering Consistent Sound Throughout a Room

The Fazon Mikro features our wide dispersion principle, which helps it deliver consistent, high-quality sound across a much wider area, as well as a larger listening 'sweet spot'. This means more freedom when it comes to positioning the Fazon Mikro, and is why we also recommend that Dali speakers shouldn’t be toed in.

Rendering High Frequencies with Accuracy

The Fazon Mikro's ultra-light soft dome tweeter delivers a richly detailed midrange and impeccable high frequencies. The 20 mm tweeter has also been specifically developed for the Fazon Mikro speakers to ensure consistent high-frequency sound in a multichannel Fazon setup.

Delivering Accurate, Detailed & Dynamic Sound

This compact speaker is built around our signature wood fibre cone driver, which delivers an accurate, detailed and dynamic sonic reproduction of both music and movie sound. The rigid 4" wood fibre cone, low-loss rubber surround and copper-plated aluminum voice-coil translates into a highly responsive woofer that reproduces the smallest micro-details and surprisingly deep bass for a driver of this size.


Frequency Range 

95 - 25,000 Hz


84.0 dB

Nominal Impedance 

6 ohms

Maximum SPL 

101 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power 

30 - 120 W

Crossover Frequency

2,560 Hz

High Frequency Driver, Quantity

1 x 20 mm

High Frequency Driver, Diaphragm Type

Soft Textile Dome

Low Frequency Driver, Quantity

1 x 4"

Low Frequency Driver, Diaphragm Type

Wood Fibre Cone

Enclosure Type

Closed Box

Connection Input

Single Wire

Magnetic Shielding


Recommended Placement

Shelf or stand

Recommended Distance From Wall 

0 - 50 cm

Dimensions With Base 

( H ) 196 x ( W ) 113 x ( D ) 96 mm

Accessories Included

Rubber Pads
Wall Bracket
Wall Bracket Bumper

Optional Accessories

Black Grille
Floor Stand
White Grille


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