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En-Wall Enclosure System, 50504 Open Box

En-Wall Enclosure System, 50504 Open Box

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Dynamat En-Wall Enclosure In-wall speaker isolation system for 4"-deep walls. Open box in immaculate condition. Never used. Call for more info.

An item marked as Showroom Demo was used by AV Luxury Group for customers auditioning equipment in our retail store. We rarely sell our demo units unless the model or finish is no longer available. We go to great lengths to ensure our demo gear stays in mint condition. If anything isn't perfect, we make a note of that and post photos. Demo items carry a full manufacturer's warranty unless otherwise noted. 

Condition of Product: Brand new in original box & packaging. Never used, comes with all the contents included. 

Dynamat En-Wall Enclosure System

In-wall speakers are a great option for rooms where floor space is limited, or where you simply want a clean look. But sometimes the sound from your in-wall speakers can end up leaking into the next room. That's where Dynamat's En-Wall speaker isolation system can help.

This three-piece system helps an in-wall speaker deliver focused, well-balanced sound in your listening space while reducing audio bleed-through to the adjacent room. You'll get more sound where you want it, and less noise and vibration where you don't.


- Reduces the amount of sound and vibration passing through the wall to the adjacent room

- Helps ensure well-balanced sound in your listening space while protecting against dust and dirt

- Included installation components absorb unwanted noise while controlling cabinet resonances

- Includes the supplies you need to isolate one in-wall speaker in a 4"-deep wall

What's in the Box

- One 1.5" x 3.5" x 54" SoundSnake with Dynil

- Four 6" x 6" DynaXorbs

- One 12" x 18" Dynamat Xtreme

- Two 4" x 10" Dynamat Xtremes

- Instructions/Specifications sheet