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Manufacturer of Acoustic Foam and Damping Materials for use in Car & Home Audio Applications.

Our Mission

Dynamic Control seeks to produce and deliver high quality acoustic solutions to the world with speed and accuracy, for better sound everywhere

About Us

Dynamat is a brand that specializes in soundproofing and insulation products for automobiles, homes, and other applications. The brand is owned by Dynamic Control, a company founded in 1989 that focuses on creating innovative products that improve acoustic performance.

Dynamat's products are designed to reduce noise and vibrations, which can improve the overall audio quality and comfort of a vehicle or living space. Their products include sound deadening mats, acoustic foams, insulation, and vibration dampening materials.

Dynamat is a well-known and respected brand in the automotive industry and is commonly used by car enthusiasts, audio professionals, and car manufacturers. Their products are also used in homes and other commercial applications to reduce noise and improve sound quality.

Overall, Dynamat is a brand that is associated with high-quality, effective soundproofing and insulation products that can improve the audio and living experience in a variety of settings.