Esoteric F-01 Class A Integrated Amplifier

Esoteric F-01 Class A Integrated Amplifier

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Elevate your audio experience with the Esoteric F-01 Class A Integrated Amplifier. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality and precision engineering. Perfect for audiophiles seeking premium performance and clarity.

The Esoteric F-01 Integrated Amplifier is the “Finest” Integrated Amplifier You Could Ever Want – The new F Series integrated amplifiers are the culmination of a range of technologies designed to fulfill your ideals.

Incorporating all of the preamp and power amp developments from the flagship Grandioso “X” Edition, the new F Series integrated amplifiers deliver outstanding musicality that captures the rich textures of music in a single integrated amplifier. Despite the fact that the F Series is an integrated amplifier, it delivers a thorough quality and performance that will be the envy of all separate amp users. The F Series is the integrated amplifier that owners of Esoteric’s K and N Series digital players have been waiting for, and it pushes the boundaries of integrated amplifier technology.

Esoteric F-01 Key Features

[Preamplifier Section]

A fully balanced dual mono preamp in the direct line of the Grandioso C1X

“Ultra Fidelity Attenuator System”, a stepped attenuator circuit developed by Esoteric

Volume can be adjusted in 0.1dB/1,120* steps with our proprietary attenuator module “UFA-1792” *Preamp gain setting: at +12dB

3 inputs of “ES-Link Analog”, a unique and proprietary current transmission system

Two headphone outputs (balanced 4-pin XLR / unbalanced 6.3mm) with built-in fully balanced dual mono headphone amplifier

Dual mono phonostage preamp (RCA x 1, MM/MC)

3-band balanced tone control, independently adjustable for each input source

ES-Link Analog(x1) /XLR (x1) pre-out for connecting the S-05 as an external power amplifier

Dedicated DC power connector for connecting the PS-01F external power supply dedicated to the built-in preamp (to be released later)

Preamp gain can be adjusted in 4 steps (0/+6/+12/+18dB) to match the connected power amplifier

[Amplifier Section]

Simple and straightforward circuit design concept based on Grandioso S1X

Class A 30 WPC/8Ω

Excellent power linearity and driving power (60 WPC/4Ω)

All stages of the power rectification and smoothing circuit are configured with dual monaural design

Powerful bipolar transistor 3-parallel push-pull configuration

Huge 940VA EI core power transformer

Channel-independent Grandioso grade custom block capacitors (10,000μF x 4/ch)

Custom wave-shaped heat sinks to reduce peak resonance

[Other Features of the Esoteric F-01]

Independently adjustable input gains (±18dB; 0.1dB steps)

L/R channel balance (0.1dB steps)

AV through output (volume bypass) ensures seamless coexistence with AV systems

Aluminum body remote controller (RC-1339) can also be used to operate Esoteric’s SACD players and network players

Displayed source device names can be programed

Mute, dimmer and automatic display-off functions

Control functions (RS-232C, trigger input / output)