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CC1 Master Clock

CC1 Master Clock

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The CC1 distributes word clock & AES3 sync signals of superb quality to all equipment in your system. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Grimm Audio CC1 Master Clock

“Owing to a radically redesigned discrete crystal oscillator, clock stability betters that of even the best test equipment available.”

The CC1 operates in master mode or slaves to word clock & AES3 inputs. Now, any studio can benefit from a low jitter clock like ultimate musical timing and stability of tone.

Grimm Audio’s extensive research into the correlation between jitter and sound quality brought to light that emotional response to music is vastly more sensitive to jitter than previously realized. Attention turned from “making jitter low” to achieving the most stable clock possible. This research turned up a surprising array of previously underestimated performance factors like power supply noise, oscillator control circuit noise and low-level crosstalk. Owing to a radically redesigned discrete crystal oscillator, clock stability betters that of even the best test equipment available.

To sync to an external reference the CC1 sports a PLL offering an astounding 90dB of jitter suppression at 10Hz, further improving at 60dB/dec. The CC1 offers base rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz and 1/2/4 multiples in separately selectable groups, in addition to an AES/EBU re-clocker for cleaning the digital feed to your DA converter. Like all Grimm Audio products, the CC1 features striking styling and solid build quality.

CC1 Features

- Ultra-low jitter clock source

- 16 word clock outputs

- AES/EBU Re-clocking

- Sample rates from 44.1kHz up to 192kHz

- Two independent sample rate groups

- For video sync, add our VCC


Input Impedance: 75 Ohm.

Input Sensitivity: Better than 1Vpp.

Output Impedance: 75 Ohm or 25 Ohm (‘low’) on selected channels.

Output Voltage: ( Terminated ) 2.7 Vpp, unterminated 5.5 Vpp. DC coupled.

Latency Word Clock In - Word Clock Out:

Adjusted to less than 50 ns, but may be larger due to input clock jitter.

Internal Intrinsic Clock Jitter: 2,1 ps RMS (above 10 Hz).

Clock Frequency Master Mode: 1, 2 or 4 times 44.1 or 48 kHz ± 10 PPM, 5 - 50 °C.

PLL Performance ( Slave Mode ): 90 dB attenuation @ 10 Hz, improving at 60 dB/dec above that.

Pull-ability of Clock Frequency: ± 50 PPM (conform AES11 Grade 2).

Maximum ambient Temperature for Operation: 50 °C.

Life Expectancy Power Supply Electrolytic's: > 45.000 hours.

Power Supply Voltage Range: +/- 20%

Fuses: 120V fuse 500mA

Power Consumption: 15 W.

Weight: 8.81 lbs

Dimensions: 16.92" x 7.87" x 1.73"

Wood Type on Front: Abachi.

- Product Documentation -

Grimm Audio CC1 User's Manual

Grimm Audio CC1 Info Sheet

Grim Audio Clocking Whitepaper

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