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Terra Movie Server with Strato C 4K Ultra HD Player

Terra Movie Server with Strato C 4K Ultra HD Player

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Kaleidescape designed the Strato C movie player to provide an immersive home cinema experience, with better audio and video playback quality than most commercial theaters.

Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Player

4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, Lossless Audio

Strato C plays movies in stunning 4K Ultra HD at up to 100 Mbps and 60 frames per second, without any startup delay. Unlike streaming services, each movie is downloaded and stored on a hard drive, on either a Kaleidescape Terra movie server or another movie player. Strato C plays downloaded Blu-ray and DVD quality movies in 4K using advanced upscaling algorithms.

Strato C supports lossless multichannel audio and plays high dynamic range movies on televisions and projectors that can process open standard 10-bit HDMI 2.0a HDR. The Strato onscreen user interface is displayed in full 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second, resulting in fluid animation and a stunning visual impact.

Kaleidescape Strato C Data Sheet

Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server

The High Performance Core of a Multi-Zone Strato System

The Kaleidescape Terra movie server stores high-fidelity movies on an array of enterprise-quality hard drives, without compression or loss of quality. In addition to storing movies, Terra provides caching, staging, and computing services that improve player performance, and enable scaling to a large number of players.

Kaleidescape Terra is the foundation of a multi-room Kaleidescape Strato system. A Terra movie server can support any number of Strato C players and is capable of serving up to 10 simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks. Kaleidescape Terra with Strato C players provides the best 4K Ultra HD performance and the most flexibility for future expansion.

Terra can simultaneously serve movies over a standard residential network to Strato S and Strato C players anywhere in the home. Once a movie is downloaded and stored on Terra, it can be enjoyed immediately from any player.

Kaleidescape’s proprietary kOS operating system enables Terra to provide the advanced content protection required by Hollywood motion picture studios for their highest-fidelity movies.

Terra is designed to continue operating even after a hard drive fails. When the failed drive is replaced, its movies are automatically restored from the cloud.

Terra is available with either 88 TB or 48 TB of capacity. Multiple Terras can be combined for more storage.

Strato C plays 4K Ultra HD movies from a Terra movie server, or a Strato movie player. You can start the movie instantly, or you can jump right to your favorite scene or song.

The Strato’s onscreen display provides access to the Kaleidescape movie store, the world’s only online source for movies with full-fidelity audio and video. The movie store offers a library of the finest content from Hollywood’s major movie studios, ranging from top new releases to iconic films spanning the past 100 years. The Kaleidescape movie store offers the best selection of 4KUltra HD titles with high dynamic range support, and thousands of movies in full Blu-ray HD quality. These Blu-ray quality movies provide superb results when Strato scales them up to 4K. Both Blu-ray quality and 4K Ultra HD movies are available with lossless multichannel and object-based audio, including Dolby Atmos.

Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server Data Sheet