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Luxman D-07X SACD Digital Media Player

Luxman D-07X SACD Digital Media Player

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In Store Only !! Inheriting Luxman’s outstanding flagship pedigree A new class of digital media player.

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The Luxman D-07X is a digital media player luxurious configuration and outstanding performance.

Advanced Digital Circuit that reproduces all Media with High Sound Quality

Following the flagship model D-10X, ROHM’s top-end DAC chip BD34301EKV is at the core of the digital circuitry that processes various digital media with high quality, from discs such as CDs and SACDs to the latest high-format files.

Equipped with a dual monaural configuration.

Bulk Pet supports a wide range of formats up to 768kHz/32bit PCM and 22.4MHz DSD for USB input from PCs, Macs, audio-dedicated NAS, etc., and uses dedicated driver software to level the transmission load and achieve high sound quality.

Forwarding is also an option.

Furthermore, for the high-quality format MQA ( MQA-CD/MQA file ), which is becoming a hot topic for expanding its support from discs to streaming services and broadcasting fields, full decoding is now possible with all inputs of CD, USB, COAX, and OPT.

The clock, which serves as a reference for supporting accurate digital signal processing, is equipped with two high-precision, low-jitter, ultra-low phase noise modules that reduce noise near the oscillation frequency to the limit.

It also has a built-in 2-mode analogue FIR filter that allows you to select your preferred sound quality when playing SACD or DSD files.

High Rigidity Drive Mechanism LXDTM-I

The Luxman D-07X employs an asymmetric left-side mechanical layout that achieves the shortest and ideal path for various signals, weight balance, and space for high-quality analogue circuits.

The disc drive section, which supports CD and SACD playback, is based on the original high-rigidity mechanism LxDTM, which features a robust box structure that covers the entire mechanism with a side frame and top plate, and a drive mechanism that stores the traverse.

Equipped with LxDTM-i * , which has evolved into an integrated structure that rigidly blocks external vibrations by mounting directly on a strong side chassis .

Achieves high-precision and stable signal reading performance comparable to the flagship model D-10X.

The disc tray is made of die-cast aluminum.

Eliminates unnecessary vibration and resonance that are added to the loader mechanism, enabling precise and smooth loading operation.

*LxDTM-i is an abbreviation for Luxman original Disc Transport Mechanism -improved, which achieves stable signal reading with high rigidity.

Power Supply Block with increased Capacity 

In the Luxman D-07X, the capacity of the power transformer has been increased by 50% compared to the conventional model D-06u.

An independent regulator block is installed for each circuit, and power is supplied via large-capacity block capacitors to build a Luxman traditional high inertia power supply environment.

A clean and stable power supply has been achieved.

Discerning Original Technology & Parts

The housing of the Luxman D-07X, where various signals come and go, adopts a shield chassis structure that blocks digital noise.

The legs are equipped with gradation cast iron legs that firmly support the main body and protect the delicate music signals from vibrations, in order to suppress external vibrations transmitted from the ground surface and unnecessary vibrations generated by itself.

Abundant Input / Output Terminals

Analogue output is equipped with two systems: a 32 mm pitch, gold-plated RCA terminal and a newly adopted Neutrik shielded XLR terminal.

The rich digital system is equipped with a USB terminal that supports PCM/DSD input, and a coaxial/optical input/output terminal that supports PCM format up to 192kHz/24bit.

Highly Visible Display

The highly visible FL display, which shines on the detailed blaster white panel, is equipped with a 4x zoom display mode that is easy to see even from a distance.

During playback of MQA format, the decoding status ( Studio: blue, Authentic: green, Renderer: magenta ) is displayed with a three-color LED indicator.