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Luxman M-10X Stereo Power Amplifier

Luxman M-10X Stereo Power Amplifier

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Open your mind and experience the true depth of sound. An industry defining debut for our M-10X flagship amplifier. Free Shipping to Continental US only ! To order, please call us at (702) 910-4913.

As a successor to the M-900 which was released in 2013, the heart of the power amplifier circuit has been redesigned.

The amplifier circuit ODNF ( Only Distortion Negative Feedback ) that has been used in Luxman products since 1999 has been renewed, and the newly developed amplification feedback engine "LIFES" has been introduced for the first time starting with M-10X.

Lifes ( Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System ). By integrating the amplification feedback circuit consisting of the main amplifier and the distortion detection circuit, which plays a central role in controlling the music signals.

Improvements to long standing ODNF, which has been proven to sound quality of Luxman products, software re-simulation was performed on all circuits in order to achieve a drastic improvement in audio performance. In the process, it was necessary to simply remove the enlarged circuit parts due to repeated version upgrades and reconfirm the characteristics of each part that makes up the circuit.

Based on the logically completed circuit on the desk, examine the parts with excellent audio performance that are currently available and applied them to each circuit. After that, as a result of repeating auditioning and trial production while temporarily connecting the assembled experimental board to the existing product, it was determine that the performance and sound quality were suitable for use in Luxman's next-generation products, and "LIFES 1.0" was achieved. M-10X will be the new flagship for the first time in eight years.


The rated output is Pure class A operation up to 12 watt.

150 watt + 150 watt ( 8Ω )

300 watt + 300 watt ( 4Ω )

600 watt ( 8Ω ) / Mono

Maximum output is 1,200 watt + 1,200 watt ( 1Ω )

2,400 watt ( 2Ω ) / Mono.

LIFES distortion detection accuracy is greatly improved by adopting N-Channel dual JFET with excellent characteristics in the first stage of the amplifier. In addition, reducing the number of parallel elements while improving performance, and by significantly changing the operation configuration of the entire amplifier circuit, reduced the distortion during amplification by about half.

The constant voltage circuit is also highly regulated. By combining a new high-performance constant current source and a Zener diode manufactured by Vishay in the United States, the driver stage and the constant voltage circuit of the input conversion amplifier have been renewed. it has adopted a high inertia power supply with a newly developed large-capacity block capacitor of Left Right independent 80,000 μF capacitors.

For the stable operation of the amplifier circuit, four current mirror type constant current circuits using dual transistors are arranged inside LIFES per channel. As a result, thoroughly suppressing the effects of fluctuations in the environmental temperature and power supply voltage. In addition, the temperature compensation of the current in amplification stage is improved for more stable operation of the product by combining a transistor and a thermistor to suppress bias fluctuations.

Adopting a 4 x 2 output configuration that combines a 3-stage Darlington 4-parallel push-pull output module, a bus bar made of extra-thick oxygen-free copper plate is used for the main from the power supply to the output stage. A BTL straight circuit configuration is also adopted in which the conversion amplifier does not pass through the cold signal at the time of BTL mode balance input. Moreover, the power transformer has adopted the EI-Type super regulation power transformer of a high coupling low loss which adopted the flat copper winding.

One unbalanced and one balanced inputs, and the RCA connectors use copper alloy that has the same conductivity as copper and the hardness comparable to brass. Equipped with a new 3.5mm trigger input/output terminals.

100μm thick resistless gold-plated peel-coated substrate that eliminates the dielectric effect is used for all audio circuits.

In addition, high damping factor has been achieved by a large speaker relay with 4 contact parallel connection and a bus bar direct connection method to the speaker terminals.

The chassis structure is designed to isolate the magnetic field and the rise in ground impedance due to chassis current.

Large cast iron legs to protect from vibration.

Gold plated AC inlet mounting direction was changed to support the weight of the cable.

In addition, AC power cable has been upgraded JPA-17000, which is said to have significantly improved sound quality by changing 30% of the 3.5 mm 2 diameter core wire to DUCC.