• M32 Direct Digital Amplifier
      • M32 Direct Digital Amplifier
      • M32 Direct Digital Amplifier


      NAD M32 Direct Digital Amplifier



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      Product description

      No-Compromise, Feature-Packed Integrated Amp for Digital and Analog Sources

      NAD's brand new M32 Direct Digital Amplifier is the latest must-have addition to the company's prestigious Masters Series of no-compromise AV components.

      The M32 is an elegant, top-of-the-line, BluOS-ready integrated amplifier with a host of features that offer maximum flexibility and excellent efficiency with reduced noise and distortion. In addition to its expertise with the latest digital devices and hi-res formats, the M32 also includes a top-grade phono input and a dedicated headphone amplifier to accommodate music lovers of all kinds.

      The M32 was honored with a Class A "Recommended Component" listing in the October 2018 issue of Stereophile. According to the magazine, "[Jon Atkinson] used the M32 with a variety of loads, from the expected (KEF LS50) to the exceptional (Wilson Audio Alexia 2), and described the NAD's consistent signature as 'a clean, clear quality of sound that stepped out of the music's way with every pair of speakers I used."

      Redefining the Integrated Amp

      The traditional integrated amp included the preamp control center with the power amp in a single chassis. The downside of this was the reduced flexibility and possible interference by the high voltage power circuits to the highly sensitive preamp stages caused by cramming everything into one box. In the new digital age, these limitations disappear. The signal can stay in the digital domain right up to the speaker outputs, making the M32 preamp impervious to interference from the power stage.

      Concerns about limited flexibility are erased by NAD's innovative Modular Design Construction (MDC), which allows a greater density of inputs as well as the flexibility to upgrade complete circuits as future technologies unfold.

      Modular Design Offers Maximum Flexibility

      By placing inputs and associated circuitry on uniform replaceable modules, the M32 can be custom tailored to cater to your exact requirements. There are a total of four MDC slots, with three being available for expansion. The preinstalled module is the SPDIF Module, including AES/EBU, 2 x Coax and 2 x Optical, all 24/192 capable. Additionally there is a USB B port for connecting computers as well.

      The Preamp is Replaced By Software

      When it comes to the M32 NAD has combined all preamp and power amp functions into a single amplifying stage controlled by software. Highly advanced mathematics determines all control functions including volume and filters. This produces a dramatic reduction in noise and distortion, and brings you much closer to both the music and the performers. Traditional volume controls that change the gain in an active analog circuit cannot approach the transparency of the M32. It also allows 'perfect' tone controls that only change tone, without adding phase shift or distortion. There is no extra circuitry to get in the way. Plus, you can easily bi-wire or add a subwoofer(s) with the built-in electronic crossover.

      Ready For Hi-Res Audio

      By simply adding the optional BluOS MDC Module, you allow the the M32 to become part of the BluOS™ wireless multi-room music ecosystem. Unlike UPnP or AirPlay, which rely on middleware to translate between different platforms, BluOS is a true operating system unlimited by reliance on middleware or computers. Quickly becoming the leader in high-resolution network audio, BluOS is a complete music management system that brings all your music together, whether it is on hard drives or the cloud, into one easy-to-use control app for smartphones, tablets and laptops. It is also a wireless multi-room system fully compatible with the amazingly affordable Bluesound wireless speakers and digital music players.

      Phono and Headphones Are Not Forgotten

      The M32 also has t2 x Line Inputs and a MM Phono Input that sounds incredible with vinyl. Accurate RIAA equalization, a clever phase cancelling infrasonic filter, and a huge overload margin combine to bring out the best in your LPs. Furthermore, if you are a headphone enthusiast, you'll be thrilled at the sound of our discrete headphone amplifier, which is able to drive even planar and high impedance studio cans. With high voltage and low output impedance, your headphones will sound their best.

      DirectDigital Defined

      With 150 watts x 2 power on tap, the M32 can make almost any speaker sing. More importantly, the M32 has virtually no distortion, and a damping factor that is off the chart. This is all due to the innovative DirectDigital Feedback Amplifier built under license from Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), which uses a form of digital error correction that is incredibly fast and accurate. This is a true digital amp (not just Class D) that is computer controlled and amplifies entirely in the digital domain, converting to analogue at the speaker terminals. This gives it the shortest signal path in NAD's history.

      Modern & Fresh

      The all-alloy casework is elegant and practical. The single control knob for volume is supplemented by a TFT touchscreen display, which replaces a multitude of mechanical switches and expands the range of adjustments possible with detailed graphical readouts (IR remote is also included).

      Because the controls are all software defined, we can add new controls and features by simply upgrading to new firmware. This is quite revolutionary and works hand-in-hand with MDC to create a future-proof digital music player. Rigid panels with magnetic iso-point feet provide a solid foundation for the multi-layer circuit boards and intricate internal construction. The M32 is a completely modern and fresh take on the traditional stereo amplifier, with features and performance from the future.

      A Wealth of Connections

      It's worth repeating that the M32 boasts a wealth of inputs to serve all your listening needs, allowing you to coax the greatest possibly performance from any musical source.

      On the digital side, these include AES/EBU, coax and optical, USB A and USB B inputs. The asynchronous USB 2.0 computer input offers playback up to 24-bit/192 kHz, as do the AES/EBU, coax, and optical connections. On the analog side, the M32 provides an MM moving magnet phono input as well as single-ended line inputs.

      On the output side, for personal audio aficionados, there is a dedicated high performance headphone amplifier with a 1/4" jack on the front. Around back, the rear panel hosts two sets of speaker outputs capable of bi-wiring, plus a subwoofer output with a fully configurable digital crossover.

      NAD M32 Amplifier User's Manual

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