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StudioArt A100 Active Loudspeaker

StudioArt A100 Active Loudspeaker

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Active loudspeaker with highest reproduction quality. WLAN, Bluetooth, LAN and AirPlay 2. Integrated bass reflex technology. Operation on device or via Revox app. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Revox StudioArt A100 Active Loudspeaker

"Studio Sound Quality"

Sometimes the A100 is a solo artist, sometimes it is a band leader with its fellow players P100, B100 and S100.

Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, it delivers seven hours of music enjoyment. It plays studio sound quality via WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay. It understands your music collection, but also iRadio, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer.


- Compact Active Speaker For Living Space And On The Go

- True Studio Sound Quality

- Streaming Via Wlan, Bluetooth, Lan, And Airplay

- Mains Operation And Battery

- Easy Operation On The Device Or Via The Revox App

- Wireless Radio Connection ( Kleernet Tm ) With Studioart Products

- Possible Use In a Multiroom System


Enter at the top, expand on a high level

A Revox StudioArt system grows with your demands – if you wish, into every room in your home. The number of possible combinations is virtually endless. With the Revox StudioArt multiroom system, you enjoy all integrated sources throughout your home, in the configuration and place of your choice.
Extremely convenient for controlling your StudioArt system: the clearly structured and very easy to operate Revox StudioArt app ( IOS or Android ) – free of charge in the app store.

Possible combinations of StudioArt products

StudioArt Combination 1

A100 for Wireless Stereo: Two A100 as a wireless set for excellent stereo sound – anywhere in the room.

StudioArt Combination 2

A100 with B100, Wireless: Two A100 as stereo set with the subwoofer B100 for very impressive bass.

StudioArt Combination 3

A100 paired with P100: A100 as a set with P100 – connected by a speaker cable to form a stereo combination.

StudioArt Combination 4

An attractive combination: A100 with P100 plus B100: Powerful, sonorous and a thoroughly compact solution.

StudioArt Combination 5

Surround by Radio: S100 and two A100 as wireless set for excellent surround sound


Power Supply: Lithium-ion battery, 7 hours mono, 5 hours stereo, power connection

Performance: 20 W

Efficiency: 95 dB/1m/2,83 V

Frequency Range: 52 - 20000 Hz


1 x 15V DC/5A, 1 x Ethernet

1 x analogue input

1 x speaker output

1 x USB ( service )

Wireless connection  ( KleerNet ) to other StudioArt speakers

Sources: Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, iRadio, WLAN, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, KleerNet, Analog In , DLNA

Included: Power cord, lithium-ion battery, power adapter

Dimensions: 3.9" ( L ) x 8.7" ( H ) x 3.9" ( W )

Weight: 2.4 lbs

- Product Documentation -

Revox StudioArt Brochure

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