Sera Una Noche 45 RPM 180 Gram Vinyl

Sera Una Noche 45 RPM 180 Gram Vinyl

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Sera una Noche 45rpm 190 Gram EP ( RTI PRESSING! ) Vinyl New Sealed. M052AV-45 RPM 

This beautiful, Extended Play 45rpm 180 gm disc, presenting three of the best tracks from the first 96kHz recording of "Sera una Noche", was cut to lacquer by Len Horowitz on his legendary 1950 Scully cutting lathe with Westrex cutting head.  Entitled simply, "Sera una Noche 45rpm" the disc contains (on side A) two versions of Gardel’s "Malena", the first with Pedro Aznar on vocals ( 7’ 38” ), and the second, a haunting, original instrumental track of the same ( 5’ 06” ).   Side B presents the profoundly mesmerizing, "Nublado" ( 11’ 22” ), arguably the killer track of the whole session, which was recorded in the little Gandara Monasterio church in the Argentine countryside, approximately two  hours outside of the capital of Buenos Aires.

After Len’s “on the fly” lacquer cutting, the lacquers themselves were immediately sent for Plating and Metal finishing.

For the cover photo, we have an original creation (shot in Mendoza wine country!!) by the fantastic Argentine master photographer Juan Hitters.

The very beautiful cover was printed in Los Angeles by Stoughton, one of the few, prestigious firms still making LP jackets.  And, of course, the LP is packaged in our custom made inner-sleeves, made in Japan, exclusively for MA.