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Venom V14 Mini Power Cable Adapter

Venom V14 Mini Power Cable Adapter

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Shunyata Research’s created its own C5, C7 and C7P Adapters to allow a seamless, high-performance connection between components that use these IEC types and Shunyata’s power cords. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

The vast majority of electronics that use the C7, C7P and C5 connectors are also those that will benefit the most from the Patented technologies and measurable noise reduction offered in many of Shunyata’s power cords. In particular, the Venom Series and ΞTRON® Series power cords have proven to dramatically improve the performance of electronics by measurably reducing noise and improving both the sonic and visual signatures of the finest audio or video systems.

– 14 gauge, high purity oxygen free conductors
– Custom connectors with a secure grip
– Available in the three most common connector types

Cable Diameter

– 0.37 inches (.94 mm)
– OFC Cryogenic copper
– Custom-designed tight-fitting connections
– 3 types of connection covering the vast majority of electronics

Standard length
– 7 inches (17.8 cm)
– Dark blue with white stripe
Cable diameter
– .56 inches (14.2 mm)
Electrical conductors
– 14 Gauge
– OFC oxygen free copper
Maximum voltage
– Max Voltage (US): 90-240 VAC (connector dependent)
– Max Voltage (Asia): 90-240 VAC (connector dependent)
– Max Voltage (Euro): 240VAC (connector dependent)
– Maximum Instantaneous Voltage: 1250 VAC

Available connectors

– IEC C14 Connector (Molded)
UG (Molded)
– IEC C7P PLUG (polarized) (molded)
– IEC C5 PLUG (molded)

Current ratings
– Max continuous current: 13 Amps (connector dependent)
– Max instantaneous current: >200 Amps (800 ms)
Electrical outlets
– Polarity and continuity tests x 2 (each cable tested)
– HiPOT Test: 2,000 VAC @ 5s (each cable tested)
– Insulation Breakdown Test: >4,000 VAC @ 2 minutes