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Sonneclair 1171 Bluetooth Radio ( Each )

Sonneclair 1171 Bluetooth Radio ( Each )

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Radios are handmade and rebuilt by master artisans for a timeless look with updated audio systems. Questions about high-end audio equipment? Please call us at (702) 910-4913.

One-of-a-Kind Vintage Radios!

Vintage lovers and audiophiles unite in deep adoration of A.bsolument's remastered sound systems. Each original radio is totally unique requiring significant hands-on hours to rebuild, including fine carpentry work and installation of a new audio equipment. Modern audio updates include German & French component installation with integration of 50W analog amplifier, 3-way speaker, Bluetooth 4.0 system, and 3.5mm input option provided. Preserving the beauty of the original form, while modernizing it for today's audio output expectations is a major labor of love. We've handpicked just 7 of these incredibly beautiful radios, so don't sit on it, Potsy.

Why We Love It:

Each radio is entirely unique due to its handcrafted nature

Outfitted with Bluetooth technology to easily pair with modern-day music devices

United by the same passion, the meeting between Focal and A.bsolument was obvious.