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Eiger Sub Trap Corner (Wood)

Eiger Sub Trap Corner (Wood)

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( 1 ) per box. The panels' tuneable membrane works in a similar way to a speaker cone, allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

T.P.D.A. - Artnovion Technology

The Corner bass trap is the latest in low frequency absorption. This elegant panel integrates a tuneable membrane over a sealed volume, containing a high performance acoustic core. A secondary posterior compartment positions a high density velocity core in the high pressure zone of the room. The panel is completely tuneable, by means of an adjustable weighted membrane, allowing to pin-point the performance of the panel to a target frequency.

A central mass is supported by an elastic membrane - This mass can then be altered to change the resonant frequency of the membrane, stepping the peak performance of the Trap from 58 to 82 Hz.


- Room mode control
- Bass ratio control
- Low frequency RT reduction
- Improving low frequency response
- Reducing low frequency time decay

Recommended For:

- Hi-Fi Listening Room
- Media Room
- Home Cinema
- Living Room

Type:  Tunable Pistonic Diaphragmatic Membrane Technology

Tunable Absorption Range: 40 to 60 Hz

- Hz-by-Hz peak absorption tuning
- Triple Pressure acoustic core + Velocity core
- High Efficiency Bass Trap


- Natural Wood veneer
- Marine grade plywood structural frame
- Calibrated cell acoustic foam

This panels can only be installed on vertical wall corners.

Dimensions:  FG - NW | 736 x 892 x 437 mm

Artnovion product sub trap range cc912358be

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