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Aurender A15 Server / Streamer / MQA DAC / Preamplifier

Aurender A15 Server / Streamer / MQA DAC / Preamplifier

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A15 Server / Streamer / MQA DAC / Pre-amplifier. Upgrade to the Aurender A10 with improved DAC, better processing power and upgraded power supply. Free shipping to Continental US only !

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A15 – High-Performance Analog Output Music Server / Streamer

Elegant Simplicity

The revolutionary A10 changed the paradigm for Aurender by introducing our first music server/streamer with a built-in DAC. A15 is the upgraded replacement of A10, featuring many new features and audible improvements.

And, while it’s a true high performance all-in-one Digital Source Component, it is priced to be highly competitive with comparable separate DAC & Transport setups. A15 is performance-packed with balanced analog outputs and a resolving dual-mono AKM4490 digital-to-analog convertor with MQA full-decoder technology. As with all of Aurender's "A" series, A15 is designed to take full advantage of the vast selection of MQA encoded music available today. It also has two rear panel bays which can accommodate user-installable 2.5" HDDs or SSDs of up to 8TB each to store the largest of music libraries. An elegant front panel display shows album cover art along with artist name and song title in living color.

A15 is a great choice for the devoted audiophile replacing an aging CD player, laptop or just for wanting the inherent simplicity of a great sounding one-box source component.


- Upgraded Replacement of A10 with Intel N4200 Quad Core CPU

- Dual-Mono AKM AK4490 Full-Decode MQA DAC

- Dual-Mono Linear Power Supplies

- TCXO-Based Precision Jitter Reducing Clock Generator

- PCM up to 768 kHz / 32bit. DSD up to 256 Dop, Native DSD 512

- Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Outputs and USB Digital Output

- Variable Output Adjustable from App, Front Panel Rotary or IR Remote

- Full-Color 6.9″ 1280 x 480 Wide IPS LCD display

- Music Storage ( user installed ) 2 x 2.5” Tray for SSD or HDD

- Increased SSD Cache to 240 GB / System Memory to 8 GB

- 2 x Isolated Gigabit LAN Port

- SPDIF Optical x 1 and RCA x 1 Digital Inputs

- Super Capacitor based UPS

- Machined Aluminum IR Remote Control Included

- Silver or Black Finish

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 35.5 lbs , 23" x 20" x 11"