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Binary™ B8 Series Active 4K Ultra HD with HDR High Speed Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

Binary™ B8 Series Active 4K Ultra HD with HDR High Speed Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

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Binary™ B8 Series Active 4K Ultra HD with HDR High Speed Fiber Optic HDMI Cables. Call for info !


Stretch high-res video, audio, and data through walls and across distances up to 50m with our new directional B8 Active Fiber HDMI cables - all without the need for external power, so you never have to worry about finding additional power sources to get the cable to work. Enhanced by fiber-optic technology, these active cables support full 18Gbps bandwidth and full delivery of HDMI 2.0b features, surpassing standard active HDMI cable performance every time. They support 4K Ultra HD @ 60Hz with HDR, as well as wide color gamut, Dolby ATMOS®, and other popular video and audio codecs. Included active technology also uses chipsets and micro-electronics to enhance & protect your connection from electromagnetic interference and other disruptors. Additionally, intense quality testing done in our on-site lab ensures the B8 performs up to all HDMI specifications, including HDMI 2.0b.

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Front and back images of the B8 fiber
The Flexibility of Fiber Optic

Because our B8 HDMI cables use fiber optic technology instead of copper to transmit video, audio, and data, they provide dealers the ability to create long-distance runs while maintaining pristine 4K Ultra HD signal and HDR color. Overall, fiber optic cables are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference and provide a more flexible option for any HDMI install.

No Outboard USB Power Needed

All Binary active cables now utilize an enhanced and more efficient chipset, pulling all the power it needs through the source and eliminating the need for external USB power, making the use of active HDMI cables easier than ever.

Ready For 4K Ultra HD

These B8 Active Series HDMI® Cables support 18Gbps connection speeds and 4K Ultra HD @ 60Hz – meaning they can transmit a true 4K Ultra HD signal and HDR.

Our GripTek™ Guarantee

Common cable-related service calls are easily prevented thanks to GripTek™, Binary's exclusive gripping technology. Retention points on the connector create a strong hold and require up to 8lbs. of pulling force to remove – 40% more than a traditional HDMI connector!

Active Technology

High-performance micro-electronics are integrated into each active connector head of our directional B8 Active Fiber HDMI cables. These valuable chipsets automatically monitor and protect your signal to ensure reliable transmission – even for full 4K Ultra HD with HDR content at 18Gbps!

CL2 Rated

Discreetly deliver 4K Ultra HD resolution anywhere with this CL2 rated B8 Active cable. A convenient combination of Active Optical technology and an in-wall rating ensures the B8 transmits 4K signal wherever it’s needed, while long cable runs remain out of sight.

Supports Multiple High-Resolution Formats

Our B8 Series cables support high-resolution audio and video formats including Dolby® ATMOS, DTS™-X, and HDMI® 3D.

B8 Fiber plugged into a Binary HDMI switcher

Durable Metal Heads

Our B8 Series heads are enclosed in a highly-protective metal casing to protect the ends in tight spaces while ensuring connectivity when repetitive plugging and unplugging occur.

Image of B8 Fiber to show the flexibility of the cable

Handles Tight Corners

Because you’re not changing jacket compounds or worrying about wire bundles, fiber is automatically more flexible and easier to install than copper cable. Using the B8 in any hard-to-reach tight spot is simple and hassle-free. Even better, it weighs less than traditional HDMI cables, making the spool smaller and more manageable.

2-Year Limited Warranty

This Binary™ product has a 2-year limited Warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty will not apply to products that have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to Snap One or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).