Binary™ BX Series Active 8K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI® Cable with GripTek™

Binary™ BX Series Active 8K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI® Cable with GripTek™

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Binary's advanced BX HDMI cables feature 8K video with up to 48Gbps transmission speeds. Plus, they feature zinc metal heads and GripTek technology for a strong and durable connection. No matter your install, Binary has the best HDMI cable for the job!

New Binary BX series ACtive 8k cable with GripTek

Advanced HDMI Technology

Binary BX cables provide dealers with the most advanced HDMI technology, delivering the latest video capabilities to their customers. The BX cables support 8K UHD @ 60Hz 4:2:0 and up to 10K @ 30 Hz 4:4:4. They’ll also display 4K @ 120Hz and 4K @ 60Hz 4:4:4 and handle transmission speeds up to 48Gbps.

Our GripTek™ Guarantee

Common cable-related service calls are easily prevented thanks to GripTek™, Binary's exclusive gripping technology. Retention points on the connector create a strong hold and require up to 8lbs. of pulling force to remove 40% more than a traditional HDMI connector!

Durable Zinc Metal Heads

Our BX series features premium Zinc alloy connector heads for added strength and durability, protecting the ends in tight spaces while ensuring connectivity when repetitive plugging and unplugging occur. Plus, we integrated a textured logo on the connector head for a better grip.

Eliminate HDMI Degradation
Supports the Latest Audio Formats

BX Series cables support high-resolution audio and video formats including Dolby® ATMOS, DTS™-X, and HDMI® 3D.

Ultra-Flexible Jacket of BX 8k active cable

Ultra-Flexible Jackets

All Binary HDMI cables feature an ultra-pliable jacket that makes them extremely flexible. Its tighter bend radius and a low-profile connector can save valuable space behind equipment.

8K graphic on tv
Active Technology

High-performance micro-electronics are integrated into each active connector head. These valuable chipsets automatically monitor and protect your signal to ensure reliable transmission – so you can send 8K @ 48Gbps signals up to 20M.