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Passion for Music & Instruments 

"My passion for music, as well as my interest for musical instruments and their materials, have lead my research since the early’80. Lutes and violin, through the use of wood, strings, their forms and harmony of their constitution, have inspired my systems."

Franco Serblin is a high-end audio brand that specializes in producing premium loudspeakers and audio equipment. The company was founded by Franco Serblin, an Italian designer and engineer who was known for his exceptional skill in creating elegant and refined loudspeakers that delivered exceptional sound quality.

Franco Serblin's philosophy was to create audio equipment that not only sounded great but also looked beautiful and harmonious in any environment. The company's products are made using high-quality materials, including wood, leather, and metal, and are crafted with great attention to detail.

Some of the most popular products from Franco Serblin include the Ktema, a floor-standing loudspeaker that delivers a rich, dynamic sound with incredible clarity and detail. The Accordo, another popular model, is a bookshelf speaker that delivers a similar level of sound quality in a more compact package.

Overall, the Franco Serblin brand is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering the best possible sound quality. The brand's products are highly sought after by audiophiles and music lovers around the world who demand the very best in audio equipment.