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Ktêma FloorStanding Loudspeaker

Ktêma FloorStanding Loudspeaker

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“Sometimes we stand in awe, praising the beauty of the music…to recreate these particular moments is the goal of Ktêma.”

The Ktêma is the flagship speaker from Franco Serblin, the man who originally created Sonus Faber speakers. He left the company to began again and work on some more unique designs that he had been developing. The results have been extremely well received from critics and audiophiles alike.

The geometry of Ktêma is a four-way topology with five units. The two low-frequency radiators are compression-loaded and room-interfaced at the lower part of the rear of the enclosure. Above the “fusion” frequency, the mid-high cardioid radiators reproduce the significant part of the spectrum, at the top section of the front of the cabinet.

The cabinet is a rigid, triple arch-shaped structure. The two lateral front cheeks are concave, while the woofer compressor is convex.

The tweeter is a well-established and time-proven 28 mm soft-dome unit, created by Ragnar Lian, one of the greatest Danish masters of transducer design.

The midrange array consists of two custom-made 4" units in a step compensated baffle, in a cardioid acoustic-resistance configuration, for the most accurate reproduction of the musical perspective.

The woofers are custom-made 9" metal cone, piston performance optimized units, in a compression-controlled and room-interfaced configuration.

The crossover is a mutational variable slope, coherent spatial radiation design.


Yter pure Silver-Palladium mono-wiring used throughout.

Frequency Response: 26 Hz - 33 Khz

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm ( minimum 3, 2 ohm at 70 Hz )

Sensitivity: 92 dB/W/m

Minimum Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 watt per channel

Net Weight: 242 lbs for Pair

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 273 lbs for Pair, 20.5" ( W ) 22.5" ( D ) 43.5" ( H ) 

Finishing: High gloss piano black, hand-polished aluminium top & bottom Satin Sycamore, hand-polished aluminum top & bottom.