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Aviator Aria 5-way Floorstanding Loudspeakers ( Pair )

Aviator Aria 5-way Floorstanding Loudspeakers ( Pair )

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It is amazing how Aria it’s capable to make precise and intimize the music sound, the ease with it sculpted in three dimensions the instruments in space. Free Shipping to Continental US only!

The woofer at the top of the cabinet has, in this particular model, a specific task. All other models in the Aviator series interact with the environment to limit unwanted reflections, increasing the intelligibility of music. Aria dramatically improves this by employing a variation that allows the regularization of the entire audio spectrum. The driver positioned in the upper part of the cabinet – a 170 mm woofer – is responsible for this extraordinary result.

Mainly the Aviator Line is inspired in cosmetics from the history of Military and Commercial Aviation from the last century joined with our heritage, massive wood. Every name of Aviator models recall a name of an important pilot or its connected to the concept of flight. The whole line is realized using massive walnut from 20 up to 45 mm thickness, used in jointed slats, is the best solution in attaining structural rigidity.

Aviator speakers line can be included into the term functional design, the process of responding to the needs or desires of music lovers worldwide. That’s why we created a line of speakers who speaks for himself connecting with music and listeners needs, a perfect match between aesthetics and performances

Our Heritage

Our heritage is massive wood, and for this all the entire line is realized using only massive walnut wood of Italian origin, from 20 up to 45 thickness, the wood need a drying process of several weeks, after cut, a too high inner humidity percentage would make it unstable and subject to modifications.

Most listening spaces are also living areas, and require a balance of acoustic friendliness and the interior design preferences. Aviator was designed with this consideration in mind, and engineered to deal with  the significant acoustic problems that affect most living spaces. All the models of Aviator line can easily overcome problems connected with an unbalanced acoustic environment with a too high or too low presence of reflecting or absorbing surfaces. The energy coming from the speaker it’s very directional toward the listeners, this accuracy is one of the reasons why the speakers of Aviator line grant a pleasant listening experience, dramatically decreasing any sort of listening fatigue typical in an untreated acoustic environment. The reversed array alignment choose for the line it’s a consequence of our psychoacoustics studies, the distance between the tweeter and the ground it’s pre calculated and allow us to control it perfectly. The high of the tweeter it’s right at the same high of a seated listener improving in this way his perception of high frequencies.

A full-bodied, neutral sound guaranteed by the T-38 tweeter that provides the best performance with any kind of interpretation and 1 woofer and 1 midrange , plus 2 200 mm subwoofer are projected to produce excellent performance even in normal domestic environments where little to no acoustic considerations have been made. Sturdy and stylish, Aria fits perfectly in every room, always offering a detail-rich sound reproduction amazing for low-frequency extension and dynamics. As any other Chario project also for Aria we have studied different aspects of science, to its realization: the electroacoustic is the basic research that allows us to realize the components through the study of real behavior and application of the fundamental electroacoustic parameters. Psychoacoustics allows us to understand how our perceptual system (ears, eyes, brain, smell etc ) perceives the components of reproduction and how it decode them. The acoustic environment allows us to understand how the environment affects drastically the reproduction, then how the energy is transferred into the listening room and what the listener receives. The proper interaction of the results of scientific research in these fields allow us to provide a natural sound and respectful of the main component to be considered: the man.

General Specifications

Configuration:  5-way Reversed Array


1 Tweeter 38 mm T38 Waveguide
1 Midrange 165mm ROHACELL® –Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NdFeB motor
1 Woofer 165 mm ROHACELL® Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NdFeB motor
2 Subwoofer 200mm Nat-fiber NdFeB motor

Sensitivity: 95 dBSPL normalized to 1m 2.83 Vrms de-correlated L/R pink noise in ITU-R BS 1116-1 compliant listening room

Low frequency cut off: 35 Hz @ -3 dB 4Ω sr referred to C4 WETS

Crossover Frequencies:

Conventional crossover frequency concept
substituted by Crossover Overlapping Range
From 150 to-200Hz
Bottom Sub-Back Sub-Woofer-Midrange
From 1kHz to 1.5kHz Woofer-Midrange-Tweeter

Recommended Amplifier Power: Up to 250 watt at 4Ω Average Power

Rated Impedance: Nominal 4Ω ( minimum 3.0Ω @174 Hz ) Argument ±36° ( 20 Hz-20 kHz )

Low Frequency Load: Down-Firing Vented

Ear Listening Height: Preferably on midrange axis

Cabinetry: Solid walnut & HDF ( High Density Fiberboard )

Dimensions: 1427 mm x 270 mm x 500 mm ( H x W x D )

Weight: 176 lbs ( each speaker )

Speaker Orientation: Speakers should be titled inward facing the listener

Listening distance and layout:

  1. Minimum speaker-listener distance  2.5 meter
  2. A carpeted floor in front of the speakers is recommended

Warranty: 5 years Worldwide

Spare parts availability

All the spare parts will be available for 15 years after the model will be discontinued.