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Belong Type S Limited Loudspeakers (Limited to 25 pair per Year)

Belong Type S Limited Loudspeakers (Limited to 25 pair per Year)

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The first Chario product made in Corian® offers the opportunity to be machined to the lathe like wood & in any shape. It is a composite material made of 2/3 of aluminum hydroxide ( trihydrate ) and 1/3 of acrylic resin (polymethylmethacrylate)

Chario Loudspeakers is the biggest high definition, home listening speaker systems manufacturer in Italy. Rigorous research and development engagement together with an end-user oriented corporate policy are meant to be our professional ethics.

At the very beginning Chario recognized psycho acoustics science to be the preferred acoustical engineering background for high definition speaker designing, resulting in a better comprehension of the human auditory system. We recognize and measure exceedingly complex mechanical oscillations but it is our mind that works the miracle of turning acoustical vibrations into sound.

The complexity in creating a speaker system is focused mainly on achieving a certain result, which should not be randomly achieved through the assembly of various technologies, but achieved by pursuing a specific path while ensuring that every detail is specifically designed and constructed so that each detail interacts with all the others to achieve the set objective. That’s why a special dome membrane has been studied for this line. This tweeter size is our focal point in terms of design. Both driver and membrane have been modified to achieve an high performance, the new Softdome membrane grant an accuracy of performances respecting Chario philosophy. A two-way bookshelf systems usually place the tweeter in the uppermost region of the speaker’s cabinet. If the designer is also aiming for synchronization of the two transducers, the plinth must be given a suitable back tilt. Belong Type S inverts this principle by affixing the tweeter below.

The Material - Corian

Corian® is resistant to direct sunlight and its color remains substantially unchanged over time. It resists normal stresses. Being homogeneous throughout its thickness, it can be easily restored with surface abrasive treatments after accidental deterioration of cigarette burns or ink stains. It is heat-resistant on average, as long as it is not excessive. It is a translucent material or part of the light through the material

The Crossovers are made specifically for each speaker and are designed using the highest quality components. As all other components, they are entirely made in Italy the brain and soul of the whole speaker. The listening environment is considered the most influential factor for proper playback. The speaker system must be designed keeping in mind that the speaker will probably be used in a space free, or partially free, of sound field control.