Cubed Series 2.5B³ Dual-Mono Amplifier

Cubed Series 2.5B³ Dual-Mono Amplifier

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The 2.5B³ is the least expensive way to get a Cubed Series amplifier, but it's far from cheap. Made with the same materials and loving care in our Peterborough, Ontario factory as every other product we make, the 2.5B³ will still surprise you with it's startling dynamics, crystal clarity and 3D enveloping spaciousness. You've really got to hear one to appreciate what an incredible deal this model is.


- Balanced XLR and Single ended RCA input

- 2 Channels each with fully independent power supplies including transformers

- 135W into 8 ohms (and up to 180 into 4 ohms) per channel

- The patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers

- Switchable gain (23dB or 29dB)

- Fully convection cooled means no noisy fans

- Machined and anodized aluminum enclosure and dress panel

- Less than 500mW standby power consumption

- SoftStart microprocessor controlled startup sequence won't trip circuit breakers

- DC trigger for automated turn on and turn off

- Legendary Bryston 20 Year Warranty


- Silver or black faceplate

- 17” or 19” faceplate (non-rack mountable) 

- PRO version includes 19" rack mount dress panel in black plus rear panel channel trim pots (-14 to 0dB)

Bryston Cubed Series 2.5B Dual-Mono Amplifier User's Manual




17" or 19" ( W ) x 4.5" ( H ) x 14.75" ( D )


28 lbs 

Frequency Response:

<1hz - 100khz: -3db

THD+N (20Hz-20kHz @ Rated Power, 8Ω):


Power Output (per channel):

135W @ 8Ω | 180W @ 4Ω


RCA: -<106db


XLR: <-111db

Input Impedance:

Unbalanced 30kΩ


Balanced 30kΩ+ / 6kΩ-

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