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Burmester 948 Power Conditioner , For All Lines

Burmester 948 Power Conditioner , For All Lines

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Burmester has developed the top-quality Power Conditioner for a high-end musical experience. The 948 surpasses high-frequency noise through premium filters and it stands top of the line in the world of high end music systems.

The quality of the power supply has become one of the most important components of a high-end music system. Because of the switchable power supplies of computers, TV sets, microwave ovens or light dimmers high-frequency noise and DC components are super- imposed on the mains supply. At times the standing DC component is big enough to cause hum in normally quiet transformers. Also, the sound coming from a music system may change depending on the time of day or day of the week, suddenly becoming colorless and weaker. For the dynamic suppression of superimposed DC components Burmester has developed a patented switching circuitry. Additionally, the 948 contains top-quality filters against high-frequency noise.

With attention to detail.

Recognizable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the 948 power conditioner makes use of characteristic design elements of the Top Line.


The appearance of the Power Conditioner with its chrome front panel follows the classical design of Burmester components. However, its larger dimensions point to the special place that the 948 occupies within the Burmester lineup. The display, which may be switched off, shows alternately current voltage or DC component. Four green LEDs signal the operating status.


The complex monitoring and protection circuitry is brought to life by hand assembly in the Berlin factory. It protects valuable high-end audio systems from turbulences on the power grid. The back panel offers eight high-class AC outlets in a multipoint star configuration, making the 948 conditioner the ideal power hub for any valuable high-end system.


Weight 37.5 lbs
Width 19“
Height 6.1“
Depth 14.5“
Star–grounded power outlets 8
Active DC compensation without power limitation yes
Phase indication of AC mains connector & sockets yes
Star–grounded protective earth conductor yes
RF filters to filter distorting RF noise 2
Remote Input / Output 1 / 0