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Burmester BC350 Signature Line Loudspeaker

Burmester BC350 Signature Line Loudspeaker

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BC 350 Reference Speakers represent the pinnacle of what is technically possible ! Free shipping to the continental US only ! These speakers ship from Burmester in Germany directly to customers home.

A grand performance does not compromise. The Burmester Signature Line is known to technically reproduce the absolute best in sound quality. The BC350 Loudspeaker shows once again, how this is made possible.

Elegant design, imposing dimensions and an absolute lack of compromise in terms of materials and components used deliver the foundations for monumental performance. The BC350 Loudspeaker from the new Burmester Signature Line represents the zenith of what is technically possible, with irreproachable musical reproduction. The impressive shape allows this versatile loudspeaker to reach to the deepest frequencies with almost limitless dynamics - yet the BC350, with its high resolution, also produces a musical, delicate and highly-detailed performance that fills any listening space.

Impressions with Attention to Detail.

Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the BC350 Loudspeaker makes use of characteristic design elements of the Signature Line.Burmester BC350 Loudspeaker | best of high end


The housing is enclosed by a lavishly milled aluminum frame, which lends the loudspeaker solid support at all frequencies. The BC350 Loudspeaker is able to reproduce music in two different tunings. A switchover of the discrete crossovers, which are set up in a precisely separated configuration, allows the listener to select between intricate detail in Pure Mode and high-level performance and involvement with a psycho-acoustically lifted stage in Live Mode. Thus the BC350 offers the opportunity to realize different focal points in the sound image according to particular listening situations.

Pure Mode & Live Mode

For audiophile enjoyment of music, the speaker is used in "Pure Mode". This audio tuning focuses on the priorities of a pure high-end music experience: authenticity, tonal balance, highest resolution, precision and agility. In this mode, the tweeter at the front, one of the two midrange drivers and both woofers are active. The stage presentation allows the differentiated placement of individual instruments and voices, yet at the same time captivates by means of its homogeneity. Audio and voice playback benefit from vastly superior resolution and fine dynamic reproduction.

In "Live Mode", the speaker offers a truly immersing ‘live’ audio experience. The focus of the tuning here concentrates on dynamism, involvement and spaciousness. To increase the sense of space according to individual preferences, an adjustable tweeter is activated at the top of the housing. Additionally, in this arrangement both mid-range speakers are switched in parallel in accordance with the D'Appolito principle. In this way, the membrane surface is increased and, in the midrange at a constant volume, only half as much individual driver movement is necessary. The sound in this mode is dynamic and powerful yet at the same time impresses with its detailed resolution and the ability to perform at very high sound levels without distortion.


Extremely low vibration housing walls with solid cross struts allow the BC350 unusually accurate, resonance free basic tone reproduction. The high overall rigidity of the chassis is achieved with the help of the massive aluminum frame and the fully-developed internal bracing concept. This allows the housing construction to compensate any arising forces without effort. It was possible to achieve these outstanding results by means of the Finite-Elements-Method optimized housing development. This is a numerical method well known in the aviation and space industry. To this end, special material investigations took place at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics at the Technical University of Berlin using acceleration sensors. In addition, highly complex laser light measuring procedures were used in order to avoid even the slightest undesired vibration effect.

Technical Details

Weight 405 kg
Height 1889 mm
Wide 420 mm ( base )
Depth 1000 mm ( base )

Live Mode

Power rating 550 Watt to IEC 60268
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m 90 dB
Impedance 3 Ω
Frequency response +/-3dB 28-23k Hz

Pure Mode

Power rating 900 Watt to IEC 60268
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m 90 dB
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency response +/-3dB 38-23k Hz