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Focal Grande Utopia EM EVO FloorStanding Loudspeaker ( Sold Each )

Focal Grande Utopia EM EVO FloorStanding Loudspeaker ( Sold Each )

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In Store Only! The Absolute Best High End Luxury Loudspeaker! Grande Utopia EM Evo is an exceptional Reference 4-way high-fidelity loudspeaker boasting the latest exclusive innovations from Focal, & remains the ultimate choice. Custom colors available.

Focal Grande Utopia 4 - Way Reference High-End FloorStanding Loudspeaker

Grande Utopia EM integrates the Utopia III Evo line, with its legendary technological heritage. This exceptional high-fidelity loudspeaker boasts the latest exclusive innovations from Focal, and remains the ultimate choice... The sound architecture of Utopia III has been preserved, to reduce harmonic distortion in the fragile mid-range register, which is so very crucial for revealing the artist’s emotions. Both loudspeakers are equipped with the very latest Focal innovations: the NIC ( Neutral Inductance Circuit ) and the TMD suspension. The entire crossover system on the new speaker drivers has been redesigned. The rigidity of the Grande Utopia EM Evo cabinet has been improved using reinforcement rings positioned around the speaker drivers. The best components of their generation have also found their way into the line: cables manufactured in France, a denser acoustic material inside the subwoofer, and the double terminal boards. New finishes add the design element to a timeless silhouette. Utopia III Evo remains an iconic line. It integrates a whole series of innovations and essential detailing to create something unique. And still streets ahead of the rest.

Components Tested in Real Conditions

Our engineers selected the very best components on the market, choosing them from among the finest brands around after testing them in real conditions.

All the internal wiring within the units is crafted in France.While looking at the wiring aspects of these new loudspeakers, we decided to increase the wire gauge of the cabling by 20%. The results can be heard immediately: the sound is even clearer and even more natural.

Finally, for the bass register, the acoustic wadding lining we included inside the enclosure has been thickened for even tighter bass with more control and increased precision.

Exclusive Innovation - Exclusive Medium Register

It was natural for us to capitalize on the research carried out in 2008, which resulted new and exclusive innovations, particularly in the mid-range register. 

TMD suspension: this technology provides a linear frequency response curve between 1 and 4kHz, while significantly reducing distortion in this range. The mid-range register benefits from remarkable neutrality.

Neutral Inductance Circuit: stabilizing the magnetic field was a challenge to overcome, in order to avoid harmonic distortion and intermodulation. The research carried out enabled Focal’s engineers to come up with an extremely stable magnetic circuit.

Metallic Colors 

Utopia III Evo loudspeakers are distinguished by their distinctive colors, inspired by the automotive universe. Grande Utopia EM Evo is available in Metallic Blue, Ash Grey and British Racing Green, in addition to the timeless Black Lacquer and Carrara White. The shape of Utopia III Evo is still the same, just with a revamped, modern style.

The loudspeaker enclosure will be lacquered in the same color all over: the front and side panels will now be identical. Detailing is also paramount; black is making a strong comeback, with a Graphite Black finish for the baskets and the tweeter enclosure. These finish choices provide an overall coherence which is more harmonious and more discreet, emphasizing the originality of the new colors even more.

Focus Time

Each speaker driver module is separate. The several enclosures of the Utopia III Evo and Grande Utopia EM Evo loudspeakers are articulated like a spine. They can be orientated using a lever. This adjustable Focus Time function allows you to fine-tune the sound image to perfection according to your interior.

The Grande Utopia are not only loudspeakers that have had a great impact on their generation. It’s also the most accomplished concept of our philosophy 'Listen Beyond', the ultimate reference. After the 'W' cones, the pure Beryllium tweeter and the Electro-Magnet woofer ( EM ) of the previous models that had marked a technological break, Grande Utopia EM Evo adopts the latest Focal innovations: TMD suspension, NIC magnet and MRR cabinet structure. Superlative performance, unique style: Grande Utopia EM Evo is not only a technological monument, it’s above all an acoustic sculpture.

Key Points

- A reference 4-way floor-standing loudspeaker

- High efficiency Electro-Magnetic woofer

- Adjustable Focus Time, entirely articulated loudspeaker

- Utopia EM Evo technologies: Beryllium, IAL2TM, TMD suspension, NIC magnet

- MRR cabinet, Focus TimeTM, 'W', Power FlowerTM, OPC+TM, Gamma StructureTM

- 1,458 possible adjustments for total sound personalization

- 100% Focal manufacture in France


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