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Focal 1000 IW6 In-wall Speaker

Focal 1000 IW6 In-wall Speaker

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The 1000 IW6 closed-back high end loudspeaker offers a truly compact and invisible alternative to a traditional indoor acoustic installation. Thanks to its high-quality sound performance, it is the obvious choice for a Home Cinema system. Free Shipping !

The Focal 1000 IW6 2-way in-wall loudspeaker is the compact and invisible solution for traditional indoor acoustic installation. The Hifi performance is the preferred choice for a home theater system, especially as a rear channel in-wall integration. The 1000 model incorporates exclusive Focal technologies like the "W" cone of the speaker driver and the pure Beryllium tweeter. Ensure your system is optimized for your space tweeter level adjustment.


- 6 1/2" Bass/Midrange with 'W' Cone: By controlling rigidity, lightness and damping this cone allows for total optimization of the frequency response curve

- Beryllium Tweeter: This material extends frequency response to 40kHz improving perception of transients and other micro details

- Positionable Tweeter: Adjustable treble equalization according to room acoustics

- Magnetic Grills:  Magnets for fastening the magnetic grill with anti-vibration feet included

Product Highlights

- 2-way closed-back in-wall loudspeaker

- Optional assembly kit ( for partition during construction )

- Positionable tweeter and adjustable level (+/-20°)

- On-wall compatible: optional on-wall frame ( coming soon )

- Pre-mounting kit is available for pre-construction installation and sold separately

Dimensions & Warranty

17 1/8" x 12" x 4" ( External dimensions H x L x D )

16" x 10 7/8" ( Mounting dimensions H x L )

Three 7/8'" ( Mounting depth ) 

14.88 lbs ( Net weight with grill ) 

Warranty: 5 years

MFR # F1000IW6