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Gloria Estefan Brazil 305 2LP Vinyl

Gloria Estefan Brazil 305 2LP Vinyl

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Gloria Estefan's 14th studio album on double LP! Features "Samba" and "Cuando Hay Amor"!

Newly reissued as a double LP, Brazil305, Gloria Estefan's 14th studio album, features new versions of some of Estefan's best-known songs in Brazilian musical styles, including samba, as well as four new tracks. The album is lead by the single "Cuando Hay Amor."

"Estefan has outdone herself on Brazil305:

By re-recording her hits, she illustrates the Brazil / Cuba / Africa argument, while welcoming fans along for the ride. She bridges these cultures in an inspiring, polished program that explores new sounds and contexts, while reasserting the eminently translatable appeal and transcendent power of her own music"

— AllMusic

Side A
1. Samba
2. Un Nuevo Mundo (Spanish adaptation of "O Homem Falou")
3. Cuts Both Ways
4. Cuando Hay Amor
5. Con los Años Que Me Quedan

Side B
1. Tu y Yo (Here We Are)
2. Hoy
3. Ayer
4. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Side C
1. Mi Tierra
2. Don't Wanna Lose You
3. Hasta Siempre
4. Mas Allá

Side D
1. Abriendo Puertas
2. Get On Your Feet
3. Here We Are
4. Only Together (English adaptation of "O Homem Falou")
5. Magalenha