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Joe Bonamassa "Blues Of Desperation" 180 Gram Silver Vinyl 2LP Gatefold Jacket

Joe Bonamassa "Blues Of Desperation" 180 Gram Silver Vinyl 2LP Gatefold Jacket

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For his new album "Blues Of Desperation", guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa set himself new challenges. In order to further develop his classic sound, he deviated from his usual approach. Instead of Marshall amps, he used Tweed Fender amps exclusively for the first time. Instead of one drummer, he brought two into the studio: Anton Fig and Greg Morrow. With bassist Michael Rhodes, keyboardist Reese Wynans, horn players Lee Thornburg, Paulie Cerra and Mark Douthit and backing singers Mahalia Barnes, Jade MacRae and Juanita Tippins, he completed his studio band.

As far as the songwriting for "Blues Of Desperation" was concerned, however, JB stuck to familiar patterns. As with his predecessor "Different Shades of Blue", he wrote all the songs in Nashville, Tennessee. He was supported by some top-class creative minds, including James House, Tom Hambridge, Jeffrey Steele, Jerry Flowers and Gary Nicholson.

The result is eleven new songs that highlight both Bonamassa's musical development and stylistic diversity. Traditional blues songs meet monumental rock anthems and quiet acoustic tracks. In the usual manner, there are always long solos and little jams in between. All of the songs are original material.

For the recording of "Blues Of Desperation", JB chose the Grand Victor Sound Studios (formerly RCA Studio A), also in Nashville. He recorded the entire record there within five days. His longtime producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Journey) lent a hand and made Bonamassa surpass himself.

In addition to the standard CD and LP, "Blues Of Desperation" is also available as a Deluxe Silver Editon. In addition to the album on CD, this also contains a 64-page hardcover book with exclusive photos, including of his vintage guitar collection.

Even if you thought it was no longer possible, Joe Bonamassa is taking his music to a new level with his new album. "Blues Of Desperation" includes some of the most exciting songs of his career.