Viso HP30 On-Ear Headphones

Viso HP30 On-Ear Headphones

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Once you place the HP30's on your ears, you are instantly taken to a soundstage full of rich detail & unrivaled performance. With NAD’s innovative RoomFeel™ technology.

From the moment you place NAD’s HP30s on your ears, you are instantly taken to a soundstage full of rich detail and unrivaled performance. Employing NAD’s innovative RoomFeel™ technology, the HP30s command listeners’ attention with their warm, inviting sound and all-around comfort. Designed to accurately convey the best audio possible, the NAD HP30s represent NAD’s mission to break down barriers to great sound. With the added bonus of a 3-button multi-click remote with microphone, making and answering calls becomes hassle-free. You are also given full control over how you hear your favorite music, with the ability to play/pause a track, skip a track and much more. Available in three finishes, the NAD HP30s are a must-have for audio lovers everywhere.

Audiophile-Grade for Over 40 Years

NAD VISO is the culmination of more than 45 years of dedicated audio innovation. Designed and driven by audiophiles, VISO is made specifically for digital natives who understand the difference that clean, crisp sound makes to music lovers.

Our sound scientists created RoomFeel to translate the warm, open sound of live performance directly into your private headphone experience. The result is a headphone innovation that dramatically expands the whole soundstage. You have to hear it to know what you’ve been missing. NAD. Game-changing audio once again.

3-Button Multi-Click Remote with Microphone

Full control of all music and call functionality right at your fingertips: Play/Pause, Volume, Skip Track, Previous Track, Fast-Forward, Make and answer calls. Includes a high quality microphone for voice-calling and device control with Siri-compatible devices.

Key Features

- Innovative RoomFeel™ technology

- Compact Folding Design

- 3-button in-line remote with microphone

- Adjustable Headband

- Replaceable Ear Pads

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions (W x H x D) Overall 153 mm x 185 mm x 56 mm (6" x 71/4" x 21/4″)

Ear Cushion Outside 50 mmx 65 mm x 12 mm (2" x 21/2" x 1/2″)

Folded 155 mm x 155 mm x 75 mm (61/8" x 61/8" x 3″)

Travel Case

190 x 155 x 65mm (71/2 x 61/8 x 21/2″)

Net Weight (without cable) 187 grams (61/2 ounce)

Finish Gloss Black, Gloss White or Gloss Red

Included Accessories

Travel Case

3.5 mm (1/8″) to 6.3 mm (1/4″) Gold-plated Stereo Plug Adaptor

Airplane Adaptor


Apple Ribbon Cable & a Standard Ribbon Cable