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NSS 333 High Resolution Streamer

NSS 333 High Resolution Streamer

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NSS 333 provides a high-resolution streaming solution which does exactly that, in its support of highest quality file formats from UPnPTM devices and streaming services. Using the NSS 333’s internal DAC facilitates improved performance from other audio devices within your system, benefitting from universal control across the Naim range; all operated from our intuitive app.

Audiophiles’ favourite high-resolution streamer

The quality of a hi-fi system depends on its sound source. Compatible with high-resolution file formats used by top streaming services, the NSS 333 is a high-resolution streaming solution that delivers on its promise. 
The built-in DAC improves the performance of other digital sources in your system. The New Classic range of separates are as easy to use as a single-box system, thanks to inter-product communications and the Focal & Naim app.

NSS 333