L8 Active Subwoofer

L8 Active Subwoofer

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The ideal match for a L-series home cinema or a bang for the buck 2.1 stereo system. Free Shipping to Continental US only ! Questions about high end speakers? Please call us at (702) 910-4913.

L-8 Active Subwoofer

The compact subwoofer is based on a class A/B amplifier with 80 watts RMS. The class A/B amplifier adds to musicality and a warmer signature sound.

Reaching down to 30 Hz, it is the ideal companion to any L-series speaker, and the 8” woofer with long excursion, delivers dynamic and punchy low frequency action.

The elegant MDF enclosure is made with an additional 15 mm front baffle to reduce unwanted vibrations and resonances. It is placed on solid rubber feet, and a magnetic grille covering the woofer is included.

Scansonic L8 Active subwoofer: 80 watt RMS built-in amp., 8” driver w. long-throw voice coil.

Take Control

The L8 allows adjustments for Crossover Frequency, Phase Alignment, and of course Volume so you can get the perfect amount of rumble from your films and music. There is also an RCA out connector for daisy-chaining multiple L8 subwoofers together!


Size: ( B x H x D ) 303 x 270 x 285 mm

Weight: 11.5 kg

Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 160 Hz ( adjustable )

Crossover: Electronic

Enclosure: Bass reflex

Drive Unit: 8” long throw woofer

Finish: Black, White or Walnut

Amplifier: 100 W RMS

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 27.4 lbs, 15' x 15" x 14"