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8-Zone Audio Matrix Switch, TS-AMS8-V2, Version 2

8-Zone Audio Matrix Switch, TS-AMS8-V2, Version 2

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Triad Audio 8-Zone Audio Matrix Switch

Triad Audio Matrix Switches are designed to deliver high-resolution audio throughout the home. Connect sources with stereo RCA, digital coax, or digital optical and use the stereo RCA outputs to deliver audio to multi-channel power amplifiers or AVRs. Available in 8 × 8 and 16 × 16 models with a compact 1U/2U design, these switches give you more features and customization options for the size of projects you install most. Both models use a speaker-level EQ as well as an additional room-level EQ for precise sound in any space. Additionally, the custom DSP engine built just for Triad and the improved 2.1 zone grouping feature allows for a full range of sound that delivers subtle details and exceptionally clear audio. And the added input and output audio delay make for a perfectly synchronized video performance. For the perfect integration, these Matrix Switches have OvrC support*, signal sensing on all inputs, and SDDP for easy Control4 integration.

Custom - built DSP

Triad’s revamped high-resolution DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) engine is engineered to allow finer adjustments to deliver the best sound. All inputs are capable of supporting up to 192kHz/24-bit audio to ensure you hear what the artist intended. Each zone has two parametric EQs—one for speaker-level EQ and one for room-level EQ, ensuring the best possible sound in every room. And when paired with Composer, you can see your sound adjustments in real-time for a rich audio experience.

Upgraded 2.1 Solutions

True low pass filtering and adjustable crossover points provide seamless integration between speakers and subwoofers.

Solve audio delays 

Eliminate lip-sync issues with both input and output audio delay when using the Triad Audio Matrix Switch to send audio from a video source.

Signal sensing

With built-in signal sensing on every input, it’s easy to automate audio throughout the project to make life simple for the customer.

Compact design

Triad’s 8 × 8 Audio Matrix Switch takes up just 1U of rack space and comes with rack ears and rubber feet for a flexible installation.Triad’s 16 × 16 Audio Matrix Switch takes up just 2U of rack space and comes with rack ears and rubber feet for a flexible installation.

OVRC Compatibility

Triad Audio Matrix Switches use our exclusive cloud management platform, OvrC. Using OvrC via C4 controller, you can perform reboots, monitor, and troubleshoot remotely.

Easy to integrate 

With IP control and SDDP for Control4 integration, Triad Audio Matrix Switches make for fast and simple integration.

Triad Audio TS-AMs8-V2 User's Manual

Triad Audio TS-AMS8-V2 Installation Guide


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