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232 Modular Integrated Amplifier

232 Modular Integrated Amplifier

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Experience rich, immersive sound quality and versatile connectivity options, making it an ideal centerpiece for any high-end audio system.

The new Burmester 232 integrated amplifier is the first product to feature the new Burmester design. This is characterized by elegant, timeless lines and a more harmonious handling of existing surfaces, such as the heat sink profile, or the lid surface, thus creating a sculptural appearance in the room.

Above all, the new base concept reinforces the effect of lightness and suggests a floating appearance. This design element is scaled from the Classic Line to the Signature Line but is an integral part of each product line in its respective design.

Extensive studies have been conducted to thermally optimize the heat sink profile. Scaled across the product lines and performance levels, it follows the approach of performance enhancement and is thus far more than just a design element. It extends radially from the center of the cabinet and represents the biggest break from the more traditional appearance of the previous Burmester generation of devices.

Combined with the organic looking lines of the base, the new shape creates an
interplay of technical, elegant and organic, room environment friendly forms. This is reinforced by the contrast of matte and glossy surfaces.


First product in the new Burmester aesthetic design

New D/A converter

New rotary encoder with haptic feedback (customizable) for volume, input selection, etc.

Modular design (phono module, DAC)

Supports current streaming providers

New operation app

New audio concept for preamplifier (incl. volume control) and headphones

High quality operational amplifiers at the input for sound performance

Extra short and low noise signal path for minimal signal interference

New dedicated headphone amplifier designed for low distortion and low noise level

New input transistors of the power amplifiers with almost perfect pair equality (NPN, PNP) for minimal distortion